You Love Them. And You Hate Them.

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High heels have been popular among females ever since the day it appeared. However, besides the beauty the high heels bring, people should also be aware of the harm they bring.

High heels have been popular among females ever since the day it appeared. Wearing them,Guest Posting girls will chin up, chest out and draw the abdomen naturally, and from the angle of aesthetics, by wearing high heels, the smooth arch of females’ breasts and hips will become more beautiful. Passing into their adolescence years, and with the physical and psychological maturity, driven by the love of beauty, high heels catch the girls’ attention. Many girls wear high heels when they are in middle school.

However, besides the beauty the Christian Louboutin high heels bring, people should also be aware of the harm they bring.

It is well-known that during the adolescence years, girls’ foot bones, spines and pelvises are not mature yet, and they will distort easily when influenced by external forces. High heels become one of the external forces. What’s more, the high heels will influence their fertility, because when people wear high heels, their bodies have to lean forward, which certainly will add pressure on the pelvises, and the both sides of the pelvises will contract, resulting in narrow pelvic inlet. Therefore, if a girl keeps on wearing high heels for long time, she probably will have difficult delivery. For such condition, usually the lying-in woman has to have a Caesarean, which will be much more painful and troublesome.

Besides, the center of body weight will move forward and overmuch pressure will go to the front part of the foot, thus the phalanges will grow bigger because of the pressure. This will not only influence the agility of the ankles, but also might result in fracture of the phalanges. Some females even suffer from flat feet or spasmodic podalgia after wearing high heels for too long period.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to extinguish females’ enthusiasm on high heels. So we should know how to wear high heels properly.

First, choose good high heels such as Christian Louboutin, these shoes are designed elaborately and the designers will surely consider their design from the perspective of biology. Usually such high heels are stable and less harmful to your feet. Rushed out high heels will harm your feet much more. Driven by the high profit, bad manufacturers won’t consider the consumers’ health and the shoes are noxious to consumers.

Second, to the greatest extent, don’t choose too high or too thin heels, which will make it difficult for you to walk or even twist your ankle bones. It would be better if the toe caps are loose, so the toes and the feet can have more space.

Third, if you need to work on your feet or walk long distance, choose flat shoes. Or your feet will be damaged badly.

Fourth, wear high heels and flat shoes in turn and give your foot arches enough rest. For office lady, it is a good idea to prepare a pair of flat shoes in the office. Before you go to sleep, soak your feet in hot water for at least 5 minutes to ease your feet. Doing some exercises to strengthen your ankles is necessary.

Fifth, doctors suggest that the best time for purchasing high heels is 3 to 4 O’clock in the afternoon. Try the shoes on for 10 minutes and walk around to make sure if the shoes are fit.

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