A new look in Radio Control device

Jan 11




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The radio control helicopters are model aircraft of radio control aircraft, but there are some different between them for their construction process.


In this modern era of life,A new look in Radio Control device Articles radio control devices are being popular all over the world. The radio control helicopters are one of them. These are very popular to all. There are many types of RC helicopters. The types are of its power source system. Mainly electric batteries were the main power source of this. Now a day’s gasoline, gas turbine and petrol are also being used for this purpose. The first RC helicopter was emerged in the mid of 1990s. The scientists who discovered that and gave the concept were Kalt whisper and Kyoso EP. That has made of electric battery. Recently, there are some Lithium batteries, that is gave an extra ordinary mileage and speed to these types of helicopters.

 The world smallest radio control helicopter is PICOZ EXTREME MS-1. It was sold in many toy stores. These are remote control system and very famous for the children. There are differences between the helicopters based on their used radio channel. The small fixed pitch helicopter uses a-4 channel and micro or collective models need a-2 or a-6 channel radio. The modulation of in this system is very important. There are two types of modulations of FM signal. PPM and PCM are the common types which are used in low-end helicopters. In higher-end radio’s, these two signals are used in a combination which made the helicopters most powerful. PCM is the pulse's   code modulation, and PPM is pulse-position modulation.

 Frequency setting is a complexity in the radio control helicopters. There are also two types of the spread spectrum. They are the Frequency-hopping and Direct-sequence spread spectrums. Both have 2.4 GH frequencies. The RC helicopters have four controls. These are roll-cyclic pitch, elevator, rudder and throttle. These are usually made of plastic, reinforced plastic or carbon fiber. The blades of the rotor are made of wood, carbon fiber or fiberglass. These rotor crafts are made of with other moving parts. The moving parts are also made of plastics or fiber wood. The remote is the main attraction of this system. By this you can fly yours rotor. In this modern world, there are also many competitions for these rotors. The 3D competitions are very popular to the people. Best two gaming program is 3D masters in UK and the extreme flight championship in USA. RC helicopters are really a great discover of science. However, we have to use this in good word, and we have to work for developing this device.