Beach Decor And Antique Telescopes

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Antique telescopes are decorative items with both a lovely shine and history. Because so many antique telescopes are in near mint condition, the telescope is thought to be a decorative item that preserves itself well over many years. Since bronze and brass are both metals used many times in maritime device-making, antique telescopes are made of these two metals more than any other. Brass is a unique material in that it remains largely unaffected by the sea salt and the rust the ocean causes.

On the bow of a wind-tossed ship stands a keen sailor whose job it is to keep a sharp look out on the horizon.The long metal tube that is known as a telescope is perched in one of his eyes and he scans the sea with it.With his augmented vision,Guest Posting a sailor can see and warn the crew of threats on the wide ocean long before the ship is in the midst of said threat.A good sailor can even differentiate the slight changes in water that indicate a whirlpool.When sailing before GPS, the telescope was an indispensible tool to a sailor.When sailing on a ship today, many bring telescopes along with them as necessities and for safety.

The backstory of antique telescopes almost eclipses their luster and high quality make.Antique telescopes are a testament to the technologies of older days, and often are in great repair.Most of these antique telescopes are made of brass or bronze, a common metal used in nautical instruments.The salty spray of the ocean is resisted and does not corrode brass as it does other metals.Often, these items will be polished to perfection, and may even seem as though they are polished when they are not.The chemical composition of brass allows it to age and oxidize better than many other metals.Brass reacts well to touch, and absorbs oils on human skin in order to shine and retain its beautiful golden luster.While many people prefer brass metal for their telescopes, still others prefer silver and tin.

Because these items are so engaging to use, they have not lost their popularity as newer technologies have replaced them.While the telescope has many symbols attached to it, some of the most prominent in our minds are those of curiosity and a thrilling journey on the ocean.Telescopes of past times were brought on board and held by captains and higher ranking officers because of their valuable and expensive nature.The telescope that offered a beautiful view of the sea was prized as a privilege among crewmembers.In the captain’s room it was not uncommon to keep a few extra telescopes.Until telescopes were fastened around the wrist with string, many were lost overboard.

Antique telescopes make wonderful beach decor in any room of the house or office, and they are slender enough to fit almost anywhere.Antique telescopes are designed in such a way as to fall into segments and retract into a single tube.These tubes are usually no more than four inches thick, perfect for carrying.Physically forcing a telescope that is not meant to shrink and segment is not recommended.
Overall, these items are beautifully crafted works of art that have rich histories and backgrounds.Though these items may always seem as though they are shining, some small dirt or rust patches may actually add to its rustic, antique feel.

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