Easy way to learn guitar chord tabs if you are a beginner

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Article about Guitar Chords.

A guitar tab is a system which uses different symbols and alphabets that show how you can play a series of notes. There are online guitar chords lessons with videos as well. Here,Guest Posting there are six horizontal lines that denote the strings of the guitar starting from top to the bottom whereas the number denotes the fret that is the vertical division of the neck of the guitar. This number tells you whom fret you should press the string. You read these guitar tabs from the left to the right. To learn the beginner guitar chords and tabsyou must first learn a few symbols to start with. H means hammer on, pull of is denoted by p, b represents the bending and the r indicated the release bending. Tap is indicated by t and the v represents the vibrato. See the following examples to learn the beginner guitar chords and tabs.

 First let us start with the basics of guitar learning. See the following example:

E ----------------

B ----------------

G ----------------

D ----------------

A --------0---2--

E 0---3----------

This tab is showing the first 4 notes that belong to the pentatonic E scale. To play this beginner guitar tab you will have to pick the open low E string, and then pick again after you have fret the 3rd fret. Then you must move to the string A and again pick the open string, and then again pick after you fret at the second fret. But in the online guitar chords lessons you can not exactly find out how long you should play each of the note and therefore the printed tabs even for the beginner guitar chords and tabs are easier and more exact than the online guitar chords.

All this will confuse you in the starting but if you do not give up and continue to practice then you will be a champ soon.

E---5------------1st string

E---------7------6th string

D------------7---5th string

The above example tells you that you have to press 5th string on the 7th fret and the 6th string on the 7th fret and the 1st string on the 5th fret. These should be pressed as in the order of succession. If the numbers are placed one above the other then you have to play the notes simultaneously.

Now to understand the basics of the beginner guitar chords andtabs you must understand how the alphabets are used to denote different techniques of playing. Even the online guitar chords lessons use the same denotations.

E ---------------------------------------- (1st String)
B ---------------------------------------- (2nd String)
G -----5h7p5------------5----7/97------- (3rd String)
D ---------------7------------------------ (4th String)
A ---------------------------------------- (5th String)
E ---------------------------------------- (6th String)

To play this the first thing that you should notice is that there is an h beside 5, a p beside 7. Then you should recollect what these alphabets mean. As you will realize that h means to hammer and p means to pull off. So what you will have to do here is to first hit the 3rd string on the 5th fret and then hammer the 7th fret and then again reach back for the 5th fret but with a pull action and this time it should be without hitting the string this time. Now you must 4th string on the fret 7. All the above details can be had from the online guitar chords site as well. After that you must hit the 3rd string on the fret 5. All this sounds confusing but with practice you will soon learn to master it and you will be able to play all the guitar chords.

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