Functional Uses of Handmade Wall Hanging Quilts

Mar 2




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Wall hanging quilts are masterly creations in cloth that require lot of finery and dedication. These creations are distinctive and reflect the genius of certain communities. and its lately being encouraged by institutions and promotional bodies.

Wall hanging quilts are an expression of the finest artwork in cloth. Made from the finest yarns these intricately woven or knitted hangings are kept as decorative pieces. Of different sizes and in amazing designs,Functional Uses of Handmade Wall Hanging Quilts Articles these hanging quilts have been used for centuries. This traditional art form is maintained with great care by certain communities and in definite geographical territories. The art of quilt making is not a widespread phenomenon but restricted to certain communities who have mastered this trade over generations.

Quilts have multiple uses and the wall hanging variety is used for decorative purpose primarily. Being decorative in purpose these quilts are created with great care and attention. One distinguishing feature of these hanging quilts is that these are comparatively lighter than bed spread varieties. Base cloth used is light and fine fiber used for weaving. Traditional fibers like cloth or wool are heavier as compared to silk or rayon. Finer man made fibers are lighter and more durable.

Artificial fibers have brought about a significant change in weaving patterns of wall hanging quilts. Bigger quilts which were not possible to be crafted earlier are being created with ease. Handling has become easier and the end product is longer lasting. Natural fibers if not taken proper care are liable to get damaged because of pests or climatic conditions. These drawbacks are considerably lessened by using artificial fibers.

Wall hanging quilts made from natural fibers of course has distinctive benefits over those made from artificial yarn. Natural fibers like silk, rayon or wool makes a quilt look richer and luxuriant. If maintained properly a hanging quilt made from natural yarn is a prized possession. Incidentally the best varieties of quilts are made from natural fibers and not artificial varieties.

Handmade wall hanging quilts could be of many sizes. Though primarily meant for hanging from walls these might also be hung from windows and doors. In fact, in many hot geographical areas these quilts are hung from windows and used as heat absorbers during daytime. Alternatively they are also used to keep rooms warm in winter months. Interestingly, these wall hanging quilts double up as curtains.

These quilts are woven in myriad appearances: human figures, floral patterns, geometrical shapes, and abstract designs. You might choose one of these or could even place an exclusive order. Though most of these designs are distinguishing you always have the option of having one created as per your liking. A lead time is to be allowed for these creations which are done with special care. These varieties are always available at a premium. For special occasions or events many buyers order selective wall hanging quilts.

The art of quilt making being restricted to communities, do not have too much exposure. However, lately trade promotion councils and art colleges across countries are making efforts to bring these craftsmen in the forefront being offering them work benefits and social security. Being largely disorganized such efforts from government departments and art institutions have helped wall hanging quilt makers pursue their occupation with a new zeal.