How to copy PS1 games in an easy way

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Do you want to know how to copy PS1 games? Luckily the process to make your own backups is not that difficult and I will attempt to explain how to copy PS1 games. Please read the Game Copy wizard Review for more...

Do you want to know how to copy PS1 games? The most common reason for wanting to copy PS1 games is so that you can backup your favorite PS1 games and safely put away their originals so that they are not damaged. Luckily the process to make your own backups is not that difficult and I will attempt to explain how to copy PS1 games - Easiest Way!

Although the PS1 games come on a disc that looks a lot like your burnable CDs,Guest Posting they can't just be copied by the same burning software that you used to burn a music CD. It is a little more complicated than that, but not difficult at all. Your usual burning software Nero, Roxio and other popular burning softwares just can't make sense of the data on PS1 game disks. That is because there is encoded copy protection on the PS1 game disk that keeps your computer from being able to read the data.

In fact, you're going to need some special game copying software to even get started - this software is used to backup game discs, or at least it takes care of the most difficult portion of the process. Armed with the game copying software, you'll be able to read and copy that data from Wii discs and then copy them to DVDs.

Read the review of Game Copy Wizard, which can get through the latest so called unbreakable protection with ease and lets you burn PS1 games to any regular blank CD or DVD.

Before you start, you need to prepare something. Clearly the first thing you need is a PS1 game, a reasonably fast computer, a dvd burner, and an installed PS1 game copying software. When you have these ingredients you're ready to go, you'll be surprised how straightforward the method is!

Here's how it works. Select any PS1 game that you need copied and insert it into your DVD burner. After that's done fire up your PS1 game copy software, the program will prompt you to form a picture of the PS1 disc. The time of completion is dependent on how fast your hardware is, so the method to backup PS1 games can be lengthy if your dvd burner and CPU are slow and occasionally take thirty mins or more to finish the task. Copying PS1 games demands alot of your PCs resources so be sure to set everything to a reasonable speed and let it do its thing. The software will create an ISO image type file that will be burned directly to blank dvd which will work as a standard PS1 game.

If you would like to find out more on software to copy PS1 games easily and make backups of your favourite PS1 games to save you hundreds of dollars in scratched or lost PS1 game discs. Then move you finger to click Review of Game Copying Software.

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