How to Fix Xbox 1 Red Light Yourself Cheap in 3 Hours

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Do you want to know about how to fix Xbox 1 red light yourself in 1 hour. I will show you 4 steps for initial checking the Xbox 360 error. Please slowly study step-by-step about how to fix the Xbox 1 red light yourself.

4 steps to initially check your Xbox error:

  • Make sure all cables are properly plugged in,Guest Posting restart the Xbox and check the error again. If the Xbox 1 red light is still showing, see continuously.
  • If the cables are connected correctly, but the Xbox 360 error is still showing, it might be the hardware’s failure (as shown by 1, 2 red lights or the 3 red lights on Xbox 360). You should disconnect the Xbox 360 console from other devices, such as television.
  • Plug in the power cable with the independent power bar. Because Xbox 360 console need stable electric power.
  • Check the ventilation system by listen to the sound of cooling fan.

If there is no cooling fan’s sound, that’s very bad because your cooling fan already failed. You should send it to Microsoft service center.

If the fan’s sound is louder than normal, this means the Xbox 360 console is working too hard or the ventilation system is not good. Shut it down for a few hours until the Xbox console is cool down, restart again.

If the fan’s sound is normal but Xbox 360 error is still occurring, you have 2 options to select, send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft or fix Xbox 360 error yourself by using Xbox 360 fix guide. In personally, you should not send the console to Microsoft because it will take a few months to repair and send it back to you, and in additional you have to pay about $140-$150 for the repair cost if the console isn't in the warranty period.

Alternatively you should fix Xbox 360 error yourself by using the Xbox 360 fix guide. It is very easy, fast and cheap. But I recommend you to learn how to fix Xbox 1 red light yourself by using the Xbox 360 fix guide, you can buy it easily from the internet, and its price’s just about $30-$40. This option is cheaper than the repair cost at Microsoft, and it’s faster than send the Xbox to fix at Microsoft. Finally, don’t use the free download guide that’s very risky for your Xbox 360 console.

There’s no need to wait for months to get your console back, and there’s no need to pay $150 for expensive repairs. Simply fix your console yourself with the use of Xbox 360 Repair Guide.

Visit: How to Fix Xbox 360 One Red Light Yourself.

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