How To Kill Nexus-Prince Shaffar - Last Boss in Mana Tombs - World of Warcraft

Jul 13


Glen Meyers

Glen Meyers

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Tips and tricks for killing Nexus-Prince Shaffar!


Nexus-Prince Shaffar is the final boss in the Mana Tombs instance. This essay will discuss the proper method to defeat Prince Shaffar.

You will find Mana Tombs in Auchindoun,How To Kill Nexus-Prince Shaffar - Last Boss in Mana Tombs - World of Warcraft Articles which is located in the center of the Bone Wastes zone. To reach Mana Tombs from Shattrath city, you will need to travel east out of town until you reach the first road. Follow that road south until you enter the Bone Wastes, and then keep heading south. You will eventually enter an area of structural ruins called Auchindoun. Work your way to the interior of Auchindoun and you will find the Summoning Stone for the Auchindoun instances. From the Summoning Stone, head directly north and you will find the entrance to Mana Tombs. (Tip: Mana Tombs has many Consortium NPCs outside of the instance-entrance. If you don’t see these NPCs, you may be at the wrong entrance!)

Before your party engages Prince Shaffar, every player should be well aware of the following:

Ethereal Beacons – These are what kill you and will no doubt wipe your party repeatedly until everyone figures out that they must die first. The Prince will have three of these floating near him at the start of the fight. The Ethereal Beacons will transform into casters if your party does not destroy them fast enough. If the Beacons are allowed to transform into casters, they will proceed to blast your party to pieces. It is important to focus on the Ethereal Beacons at the start of the fight, and then DPS the Prince once the Beacons are dead. Additionally, party members should immediately switch their targeting to any Ethereal Beacon should one spawn and destroy it before continuing to DPS the Prince. 

The basic strategy for Nexus-Prince Shaffar:

1. Only your tank should engage the Prince at the start. Everyone else should pre-target each of the three Ethereal Beacons before your tank pulls Prince Shaffar. Assign targets to party members to ensure everyone knows which Ethereal Beacon they are killing. (TIP: There is always one Ethereal Beacon located directly behind the Prince. The easiest way to target that Beacon is to click directly above the Prince’s head.)

2. When you tank pulls, all other party members must focus their attention on the three Beacons and destroy them as fast as possible. Killing the Beacons first is critical to winning this fight. When the Beacons are destroyed, party members may begin to DPS the Prince.

3. Occasionally, the Prince will Blink and teleport a short distance away. Normally this does not reset the aggro list. Your tank should be able to immediately move to the Prince after every Blink. Also, your healers must be prepared to move in case there are line-of-sight issues for healing the tank.

4. Approximately every ten seconds, Prince Shaffar will spawn another Ethereal Beacon somewhere nearby. All party members (except your tank and healer) should immediately focus their DPS onto the new Ethereal Beacon until it is destroyed. Do not let the Beacon transform into a caster! Once the Beacon is dead, resume DPS on Prince Shaffar.

5. If you’ve reached this stage, then you’ve got the Ethereal Beacons under control. Now you should DPS the Prince as you would any other boss, and then divvy up the loot.

Nexus-Prince Shaffar does not hit very hard (melee-wise), so your tank should not be taking considerable physical-damage throughout the fight. However, the Prince does cast magic damage, specifically:  frost, shadow, fire, and arcane damage. If you have any auras or resistance-spells that can be cast, they will be helpful. It is not necessary to switch to resistance gear for this fight; DPS gear is far more important than any kind of resistance gear that you might have.

If you’re the leader of the party, it is imperative that you stress to your fellow party-members to kill the Ethereal Beacons immediately. The Beacons are the critical element to this fight. Control them and you will defeat Nexus-Prince Shaffar without difficulty.

Good luck!

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