How To Make Your Very Own Boutique Quality Tutus

Jan 14


Valerie Longhurst

Valerie Longhurst

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Are you ready to start making your own boutique quality tutus? Why pay hundreds of dollars at the boutique shop when you can easily learn how to make your very own no sew tutus for literally pennies on the dollar.

Are you ready to start making your own boutique quality tutus? Why pay hundreds of dollars at the boutique shop when you can easily learn how to make your very own no sew tutus for literally pennies on the dollar. I’m going to reveal the secrets for how to make a tutu once and for all for all you craft enthusiasts. These instructions outline how to make a no sew tutu using the slip knot technique. These are basic instructions which once mastered can be used to make hundreds of beautiful and unique tutus for any occasion. Before getting started make sure you have the proper supplies and materials.Supplies First you will need the basic supplies to do your measuring and cutting. You will need a rotary cutter,How To Make Your Very Own Boutique Quality Tutus Articles self healing cutting mat, non slip ruler, scissors, measuring tape and a paper towel roll or a similar shaped object to hold your project in place while you work. Most of these supplies should be readily available at your local craft store. MaterialsTulle: There are several different styles, types and colors of tulle to choose from. For this particular tutu you will want to purchase the 6 inch by 25 yard spool of tulle. This type is recommended for several reasons; it requires less cutting, it’s typically less expensive and it’s easier to work with. If you’re making a tutu for a small child, you will need at least two spools of tulle.Elastic Waistband: The elastic waistband comes in two different colors; white and black. If you are making a tutu with only dark colors, you should use the black elastic waistband. Otherwise, you should use the white elastic waistband for all bright colored tutus. There are also several different sizes of elastic waistbands. I recommend using the 3/4 inch elastic waistband to give your tutu a nice look and fit. Embellishments: There are many different fun and beautiful embellishments you can add to your tutu. For this tutu I suggest attaching a flower to the front of your tutu.InstructionsStep 1: Measure your child’s waist and subtract two inches before making your cut. Glue the two ends together with a hot glue gun and hold firmly until secured. You may also hand sew the ends together using a needle and thread to make it more durable.Step 2: Calculate the length of tulle you will need by multiplying your desired length by 2 and then add an extra two inches for tying your slip knots. Step 3: Unroll a spool of tulle onto your cutting mat and place the ruler’s edge where you will be making your cut. Carefully roll your rotary cutter over the tulle fabric using the ruler’s edge as a guide to ensure a straight cut. You will need to cut approximately four strips of tulle for each inch of waistband. Step 4: Slip your elastic waistband around a paper towel roll or another similar shaped object that will hold your tutu in place while you work. If the elastic fits too loosely around the paper towel roll, you can attach a safety pin to cinch up the elastic until it fits snug. Step 5: Take one of your pre-cut strips of tulle and fold it in half keeping the ends even. Make a loop at the folded end with your fingers and slide the loop underneath your elastic waistband so the loop is sticking out the top. Step 6: Take the two ends and push them through the loop and then pull the ends down to tighten your knot. Be sure not to tighten your knot too much as this will scrunch your elastic waistband. Step 7: Continue tying your tulle strips until you have completely filled your elastic waistband. Make sure you slide your knots so they sit comfortably next to each other to ensure a full and fluffy tutu. Be sure not to bunch them too close to each other or this will stretch out your elastic waistband. You will not want to tie more than four strips of tulle per inch of waistband. Step 8: The final step is to attach a beautiful flower or another embellishment to the front of your tutu. Using a hot glue gun or a strong adhesive, attach your embellishment to your elastic waistband and hold firmly until dry. There you have it, your very first boutique quality tutu!Now you’re ready to experiment with many different colors of tulle to make hundreds of stylish and trendy tutus. You may want to add rhinestones to your tutu to make it sparkle or maybe a satin ribbon waistband to make it look elegant and beautiful. Learn everything you need to know to make beautiful boutique quality tutus including 12 different variations in our complete step-by-step instructional course. You will not find a better or more affordable course on the Internet for how to make a tutu. We also include three free bonuses and a money back guarantee so there is absolutely no risk!