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Many said that film photography is obsolete and you ought to choose digital photography if you were to venture into the art. Then, some comment that film photographer is more skillful as they lack the technology to help them and digital photographers comment that it is the technology that helps them to create better pictures. So, which is the true path to photography? You make the decision after you read the article...

Digital photography has change so much over the years and you can easily see the difference even when you are not a professional photographer. It seems like just a couple of years ago when you were using film camera instead of the 10.0 megapixels digital camera today. By the way,Guest Posting digital photography is not limited to cameras only. Take a look at cell phones and camcorders. They are capable of taking pictures and these gadgets were never heard of a few years ago.

The widespread of digital photography over these mediums has certainly promoted the popularity of digital photography. You just aim the camera at your subject, press the shutter button, look at the picture and decide to keep or delete the picture base on your preference on the picture. It seems easy. Doesn't it?

However, some photographers complaint that this kind of photography practice has demoted the true value of the art. They claim that photography is supposed to be an art which you have to be serious in. You ought to carefully frame the shot, decide on the angle and light and challenge your photography skills instead of simply taking the picture and deleting it when the picture doesn't feel right. It is utterly unacceptable that you rely heavily on photo editing software to make the pictures look better.

Now, does the improved technology in digital photography help you to be lazy or not is a debate. Because there are arguments that digital photography has provided great extend of flexibility where photographer can be free from carrying various ISO films and it is cost effective where the photographer can simply delete the unfavorable picture instead of wasting a frame on film.

Many photographers also believe that they can produce better photographs with digital photography because they can look at the photos immediately and decide what to do with the faulty photos. Imagine you took a group picture on a birthday party only to find out that the birthday stars had shut their eyes during the photo shoot. Now, that definitely spoiled the mood.

However, you can prevent that with digital photography. You can review the picture you took and decide to let the group off when the picture is good. And for the so called defective picture, you can edit it with photo editing software into a candid picture and you just turn something unfavorable into something funny.

Still, that doesn't mean that you can take advantage on digital photography and ignore the proper skill to get the ideal picture. Imagine that you are developing a career in digital photography. Is that the attitude of the professional photographers to trial and error their pictures before submitting them to the client?

After much talk about digital photography, it is with hope that you understand that film and digital photography do have their pros and cons. You can still see die hard film photography fan out there even though the method is said to be obsolete and as beautiful as digital photography may seems, there are still rooms to improve on this digital method.

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