Play Chess On The Go With A Magnetic Chess Set

Sep 10


John Skelly

John Skelly

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Playing chess and being very good at it are two entirely different things. Nobody became great at chess overnight! There are several factors that distinguish chess masters from great chess players. And when it comes to becoming a great chess player without much practice and perseverance magnetic chess sets come in so handy.


Learning to play chess is one thing,Play Chess On The Go With A Magnetic Chess Set  Articles being very good at it is another. Nobody became great at chess overnight! There are several things that set chess masters apart from great chess players.

Aside from getting a good grasp at the difference chess pieces’ capacity, becoming a great player takes practice and perseverance. That’s why magnetic chess sets are so advantageous…you can easily play chess anytime and anywhere. 

Magnetic fields, created by small magnets inside the bottom of chess pieces and a thin metal plate under the board, are used to keep the chess pieces in place, allowing you to play while riding in any moving vehicle, like a car or plane.

On the other hand, there will be times when you should set your chess set aside and focus on other aspects of the game. You should find time to analyze different game plays and the mistakes you tend to make. Unlike chess masters who are said to have the ability to recall various games and patterns, many of us find it difficult to remember even the last game.

It is very important that you write everything down so that you won’t have a hard time recalling the exact details of the game. This will greatly help you when you do your self-analysis.

Aside from having great recall, chess masters can also play chess by just using their mind, they don’t need to have a chess board in front of them. You can load up your mind with different game plays and strategies from different chess masters. You can do this by buying good books about chess.

Remember that there are various patterns in chess and you can hardly recreate an exact same pattern. You can familiarize yourself with the things you can do when a similar situation arises. Try recreating the different game plays explained in different books. Do this alone so that you can easily internalize the essence of those moves.

Try to apply your newly acquired knowledge in your next game. It’s better to have different opponents while playing because playing with the same person over and over again will breed familiarity. This means that you’ll teach him/her all your chess tricks and visa versa. Or boredom could set in, and neither of you will become better players.

Allow yourself to grow as a chess player by starting your own chess club or joining one. With a club, you can find like-minded people who love the game as much as you do. In addition to the social aspects of joining such a club, you will have an endless supply of different opponents to play against, some better than you and some not. You can learn from the better players and, in turn, teach the inferior players. Many friendships are started at chess clubs because people with common interests are naturally drawn to each other.

Remember, if you want to remove limitations on when or where you can play chess, your magnetic chess set will be one of the greatest tools that will help you achieve your goal of becoming a better chess player.