The Truth behind Xbox 360 3 Red Lights

Feb 25


Jack Bush

Jack Bush

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Ever since Microsoft released the XBox 360 back in 2005, Xbox 360 has a big issue known as 3 Red Lights, also know as the Red Rings of Death. Read the James Dean's Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix Review for more...


Ever since Microsoft released the XBox 360 back in 2005,The Truth behind Xbox 360 3 Red Lights Articles Xbox 360 has a big issue known as 3 Red Lights, also know as the Red Rings of Death. It is not fixed till today and it occurs when the Xbox 360 experiences a general hardware failure, also known as core digital failure. What is the truth behind Xbox 360 3 red lights? What causes 3 red lights on Xbox? This article will investigate on this topic and therefore prevent it from happening.

The most frequent and common cause of 3 red lights on Xbox 360 is overheating. There are two parts of Xbox system easily overheated. They are the console and the power brick. Although the designers have used vented openings, heat sinks and fans to aid in the dissipation of heat, the console still do not have enough air to breath. And so do the power brick. Therefore, you need to place the console in an open area and get the power brick up off the floor so it can breath on all four sides.

Another reason causes Xbox 360 red lights is the Nyko Intercooler. Microsoft has stated that the intercooler drains so much power from the console, it causes faults to occur.

The last reason is the graphics processing unit(GPU). When the GPU gets too hot, it causes the motherboard to flex causing the soldering to become loose. This would cause occasional screen freezes and eventually you would get the three red lights on Xbox 360.

Till not, we can go to a conclusion that Xbox 360 3 red lights problem is mainly caused by a major design flaw. Microsoft Corporation had also admitted that in July 2007. But it is disappointing that they have not find the solution yet today. So it seems inevitable, and once you fall victim to freezes or the 3 red lights, you have to send your Xbox 360 to Microsoft's support center and wait weeks to play again. What if you are out of warranty? Can you fix 3 red lights on xbox by yourself?

Yes! Fixing the Xbox 360 yourself is not difficult, as long as you are comfortable opening up the machine yourself and following instructions.

The Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix Guide is a a great solution to fixing the 3 ring rings of death on your Xbox 360 gaming console if any annoyance happen to bother you. The guide has proven to work many times over and over again for many Xbox 360 users worldwide, so it's definitely legit.

You will receive 2 guides and 3 repair videos all dedicated and aimed at ridding you and other Xbox 360 owners of the Red Ring of Death and all those annoying errors we get when either starting up our system or get during game play.

Learn how to identify your Xbox 360 problems and how to fix them all by yourself in the guide Xbox 360 3 Red Light Fix.