Tips On Lighting A Gas Grill

Sep 11


Dennis Weadick

Dennis Weadick

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This article is about Normal 0 the safety considerations that need to be remembered when firing up the propane grill. Liquid propane is a highly volatile gas and should be used with caution and safety in mind.

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The popularity of grilling outdoors on a gas grill is widespread throughout the United States. Gas grills outnumber charcoal and electric grills significantly. The popularity comes from ease of use and high efficiency for grilling all kinds of food. However,Tips On Lighting A Gas Grill Articles there are some safety considerations that need to be remembered when firing up the propane grill.

You have to always remember to never light the grill when the cover is closed. If the lid is unopened, gas can't escape if there is a leak at one of the burners. When trying to light the grill, the propane is coming out of the burners; if it doesn't ignite on the first or second try, then too much collects in the firebox. The accumulated gas can explode when the igniter eventually produces a proper spark.

Most people know that liquid propane is highly explosive. Using propane for a propane grill is very safe nonetheless. Since propane has no smell and it is a transparent gas that you cannot see, suppliers add an odorant so that people can discover it if it is leaking form the tank or the hose. In addition it is heavier than air so if there is a gas leak, the gas will collect in the grill and can explode upon ignition.

This can materialize also if there is in truth a gas leakage; again the gas will accumulate under the cover. This could stimulate an explosion when the gas is ignited and can result in damage to the grill and trauma to the person lighting the grill and anyone there.

Never use the grill indoors or within an enclosed area. Furthermore, keep the grill at least 5 feet from any building or wall to avoid fires. To be super safe, plan having a fire extinguisher at hand for any emergency.

To properly light up the propane grill follow these simple steps. First step is to open the cover. Second measure would be to check for any gas leaks. Whenever there is a hissing sound, then immediately turn off the shutoff valve at the tank and have the tank and regulator inspected by an authorized supplier. Whenever no leaks are found at this time, then turn on the gas at the tank Afterwards, turn on only one of the gas burners on the grill. If the grill has an igniter button then press it, otherwise use a long match to light the grill. Once one of the burners has been lit, it is now safe to turn on any of the other burners. Now you can set the burners on high to pre-heat the grill – usually around 5-10 minutes. This will get the grill up to a high temperature necessary to cook most foods. The concluding step is to lower the burners from high to settings that are proper for cooking.

Because liquid propane is dangerous if not handled correctly, always comply with the steps outlined above for starting a gas grill. It is easy to avoid hazardous or risky events by following with these steps.