What's the Big Deal about Farmville Facebook?

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But all of sudden it seems, my friends and family have become obsessed with  Facebook and in particularly, FarmVille Facebook

What happened to Tetris,Guest Posting Solitaire, and Ms. Pac Man?  These were the games of my generation and I still love to play them.  They are comfortable and convenient and easy for me.  But all of sudden it seems, my friends and family have become obsessed with  Facebook and in particularly, FarmVille Facebook.  They have been playing for a while and have continuously tried to get me involved.  However, I have been dragging my feet as I feel that I already have plenty of “real” chores to do in my life; why would I want to invent “virtual” chores for myself?  Well, listening to everyone talk of neighbors and gifts and such, has made me a little curious.  So now I have been looking into the FarmVille FaceBook Game.  I think it might be something I could get into. Where do I begin though?  I am really far behind everyone else, and feel a bit hopeless about how I would ever get to the level that everyone else seems to be.  Would it be any fun if I am stuck being a new baby Farmer?  I decided to see if there were any helps for me on the internet and was happy to discover that there are several tips, tricks, cheats, and helps found for FarmVille Facebook there.  With these tips, I got my jump start on the game.    Some of the things that intrigued me were these:   - Coin-making strategis that will help you make millions on FarmVille Facebook - Accumulate experience points (XP) overnight, completely on autopilot - Secret strategy for never needing to replow before growing new crops - Get tons of FarmVille Facebook neighbors in just a few hours without having to bug, annoy or beg - The “hush hush secrets” FarmVille Facebook professionals use to track their crops - How to work FASTER and SMARTER, not HARDERLearn more about Farmville Facebook by clicking here.

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