Wooden Block Toys for Safe Childhood

Jan 10




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A toy is not only a part of play for children, but also a part of education. Wooden Block is one kind of toy that brought revelation to toy history.


The world is changing everyday as well as the ideas. Now people think differently than the people of past times. New inventions are made every day for the betterment of humanity. Wooden block toy is a new concept for making toys for kids. In this method all toys will be made with wood. Small pieces of wood are used to make the toys. Different kinds toys are made such as Lego,Wooden Block Toys for Safe Childhood Articles wooden blocks, peg boards, hats, kitchen play, dishes, puzzles, animals, cars, train, planes, dolls etc items. These toys are very much attractive. More people are buying this type of toys every day.

 Wooden block toys are very much useful in every aspect. This is why, more and more people are looking for this kind of toys. Some benefits of wooden block toys are, it is eco-friendly, it can be reused, and it is not toxic at all. In other case PVC toys are much harmful for the kids. PVC toys contain harmful chemicals which can cause serious harm to human body especially the kids. Kids always suck and chew plastic toys. So, the chemicals may directly flow to the main blood stream. This may result cancer or kidney failure. Every year many children fall sick for the poison of PCV toys. More over they are painted with such paint that contains lead which is more dangerous for health. It can cause death. However the wooden block toys do not have this sort of problem. They are very safe to use. Water color is applied on them and water color does not have lead. You kid will surely love the toys and start playing with them

These toys have some educational benefits too. Wooden block toys are designed in such way that kids will learn different things while playing with them. They will learn to explain shapes, sizes of various objects. It is also seen that kids playing with these toys are more friendly, helpful and social. You should always avoid buying PVC toys. Buy toys that are unpainted. Bring them home and paint them with a lead free paint. You can use water color to make them more attractive. These toys also do not have batteries which are full of toxic elements. If the toys are broken, you can recycle them easily. So, it is our duty to keep the world safe and pollution free for our next generation.