Adobe Lightroom 2.0 – Reviewed

Oct 11


Dominique Vangheel

Dominique Vangheel

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Adobe Lightroom 2.0 is a complete photo editing and management tool. It can help you with your photos from start to finish – from the camera, to making adjustments, to print or web. Check out this article to learn more about the new features of Lightroom 2.0.

Adobe Lightroom 2.0 is a complete photo editing and management tool.  It can help you with your photos from start to finish – from the camera,Adobe Lightroom 2.0 – Reviewed Articles to making adjustments, to print or web.  It is composed of five different modules that allow you to basically do everything with your images.

It is a different program from Photoshop altogether.  Lightroom functions more as a photo management tool with editing capabilities, while Photoshop is a more comprehensive photo manipulation tool for advanced processing and special effects.  You can use both programs to maximize your imaging solutions.

Library Module

The library module is where you will find your image collection.  It displays a preview of your photo library.  You can also search and display specific photos, and organize them into collections.  There are four ways in which you can view your photos.  The grid view shows your photos in thumbnails.  The loupe view displays a single photo where you can zoom in and out.  The compare view shows you side by side images.  The survey view will show a set of selected photos highlighting the active photo.

Develop Module

You can make adjustments to your photos in the develop module.  Apply color, tone, and other enhancements without affecting the original image.  You can create several versions of an image because adjustments are saved into a different file.  You can also edit a set of photos all at once using the same global adjustments.

Slideshow Module

Create slideshows of photos with music and transition effects.  You can choose from an array of slideshow templates on the left panel.  You can also add text, modify the templates, and make adjustments using the controls on the right panel.

Web Module

With the web module, you can share your photo albums online.  This is the most convenient way to share your photos to friends and family.  You can publish your photos to web galleries, such as Smugmug, Picasa, Flickr, and etc.

Print Module

With Adobe Lightroom 2.0's print module, you can print your photos in different layouts.  There are also Picture Package layouts that automatically adjust your photos to optimize the page size.  And of course, you will need a good photo printer for this.

Adobe Lightroom 2.0 is your complete imaging solution.  You can always complement it with Photoshop for a total photo management and editing experience.