3 Key Advantages of Using Laminates as Surfacing Material

May 16


Mark Henry Sr

Mark Henry Sr

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This article explores the many reasons why you should opt for laminates as the surfacing material for your home and office. It also attempts to explain how laminates are the best choice of surfacing material.


One may want to redecorate their home or office for a number of reasons. From higher durability and enhanced aesthetics to augmenting the environmental sustainability of a property,3 Key Advantages of Using Laminates as Surfacing Material Articles refurbishment and renovation of a building may be undertaken for a wide variety of reasons. It is, however, a long and arduous process which can be both expensive and time-consuming. Therefore, when refurbishing a property, one must choose the materials to be used very carefully. Their quality, beauty and longevity will affect the safety and appeal of one’s property.

Laminates, made from layers of kraft-paper glued together under high pressure and temperature, have in recent years gained phenomenal popularity amongst designers and consumers alike as the ideal material for surfacing. Laminates may be used as wall paneling, cladding as well as for re-surfacing furniture, cabinets, tabletops, etc. Hardly any modern construction can be found – be it commercial or residential – that does not make use of laminates in one way or another.

There are many reasons for the popularity of laminates amongst builders, designers and buyers alike. Some of them have been listed below for the reader’s perusal.

Advantages of laminates as a surfacing material:

  • Enhanced Durability: Laminates are resistant to scratches and dents and can easily withstand minor abrasions. They are also resistant to moisture and do not warp or corrode if exposed to water. Most high quality laminates also have fire-retardant and anti-bacterial properties. Consequently, laminate paneling and surfacing enhances the durability of the furnishings and fixtures used in homes.
  • Better Aesthetics: The different textures and patterns that are seen in laminates are basically due to the top layer of decorative paper that is used in manufacturing these. Hence, laminates can be manufactured featuring a wide variety of colors and patterns. Popular patterns can also be repeated over multiple sheets of laminates. They can replicate the look of wood, metal or any other material the consumer desires, at a fraction of the cost of other surfacing materials.
  • Sustainability: Laminates are the most eco-friendly variety of surfacing material as they do not use any element of hardwood, rather are made from recycled paper. This also makes them extremely affordable, which appeals to cost-conscious consumers who want to enhance the allure of their living and work spaces without putting a major dent in their finances.

Laminates made using GLE technology can also be used to surface the exteriors of buildings where they are exposed to extreme climatic conditions and UV rays of the Sun.

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