Here’s why laminates are considered the ideal surfacing solution

May 16


Mark Henry Sr

Mark Henry Sr

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Laminates are used extensively in a number of applications because of their resistance to stains and corrosions, and due to the fact that they are pleasing to look at and enhance the overall look of the product on which they are installed. This article talks about the various advantages that laminates offer and the certifications to look for when buying them.


Among the various types of surfacing materials that are available, Here’s why laminates are considered the ideal surfacing solution Articles laminates are considered as the popular most choice because of the innumerable advantages that they offer. Of late, the popularity of laminates in residential as well as commercial places has increased drastically as they are available in cost-effective rates and in varied designs, colors and patterns.

The decorative laminated sheets are made from selected decorative papers and Kraft paper, which are then treated with melamine and phenolic resins. After this, the laminates are treated under extreme temperature and pressure so as to increase their structural integrity. The decorative laminates are used for almost every surface which includes table tops, doors, and shelves as well as reception counter desks and furniture.

Some of the common reasons for choosing laminates as a surfacing material are mentioned below:

  • Easy to clean and maintain:Compared to the other surfacing materials, laminates require very little maintenance. Today, most of the people have a busy schedule and thus it becomes just impossible for them to carry out rigorous cleaning and for them laminate is possibly the best option available. Simple vacuuming and mopping can help in keeping the laminates looking brand new even after several years of usage.
  • Durable:When it comes to durability, laminate tops the list. As this surfacing material is treated under extreme temperature and pressure; it can bear high traffic and can last for years.
  • Resistant to scratch and abrasion:One of the major reasons for choosing laminate as a surfacing material is that, they are scratch and abrasion resistant and as such are not easily damaged. This makes laminates ideal for use on kitchen countertops and dining tables.
  • Cost-effective:As laminates are made using selective pieces of decorative paper and Kraft paper and are then treated with melamine and phenolic resins; they are quite cost-effective. Compared to the other well-known surfacing materials, laminates no doubt are the most affordable option available.

Apart from all these, laminates are also resistant to moisture and come with anti-bacterial properties which make them an ideal surfacing material for use in hospitals, restaurants, nursing homes as well as homes.  Furthermore they are available in varied colors and designs due to which customers always get the liberty to choose the laminate sheet as per their preference, home décor and budget.

When investing on high pressure decorative laminates in Mexico or any other country for that matter, it is important to check the certifications that have been acquired by the manufacturers to ensure that the products being used are ideal for the climatic conditions of that country and are environment friendly too. Usually, reputed manufacturing companies are accredited by certain certifications which indicate that they offer the best quality product and are also responsible towards the environment. Some of the most common certifications to look for include IGBC, PEFC, Green Label, FSC, CSR, Urea Free Product and ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS certifications.

These certifications indicate the devoutness of a company towards safeguarding the environment and the fulfillment of their corporate accountability. Thus, when buying any kind of laminate sheets from a company, make sure that their products have these above mentioned certifications.