9 Reasons Why You Want Designer Roofing

Nov 13


Jan Kaas

Jan Kaas

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If you’re doing some home improvement and remodeling for the exterior of your home, you should consider getting designer roofing. Changing the roof is...

If you’re doing some home improvement and remodeling for the exterior of your home,9 Reasons Why You Want Designer Roofing Articles you should consider getting designer roofing. Changing the roof is one of the best investments you can make to beautify your home and increase its value, and designer roofing provided by Virginia licensed contractors is one of the best you can choose.


Why is fashionable roofing a good choice?


·        It’s cheaper and easier to install than slate roofs, which are heavy and normally require the strengthening of the roof system, especially for older homes. Lightweight and simple to install, fashionable roofing is often a better solution for the average home owner.


·        Has a unique appearance that catches the eye. Designer roofing comes in many styles and colors, so you always have several varieties from which you can use.


·        Extremely durable. When installed properly, designer roofing can withstand bad weather with more success than other types of roofs. For this reason, Virginia licensed contractors like Sunshine Contracting offer lifetime warranty for it. Once you have it installed by professionals, you will have nothing to worry about.


·        Can withstand winds of up to 150 miles an hour, for excellent weather protection in the often windy Fairfax.


·        Comes with protection for the roof deck as well as leak barriers that increase its durability and make it an excellent choice for homeowners who want to avoid roof problems in the years to come.


·        Feature several layers of shingles, for extra protection and durability. chic roofing tends to be built upon a combination of asphalt, fiberglass and granules layers for exceptional protection. If one layer gets damaged over the years, the others will keep the water and the thawed snow from leaking into the home.


·        Made in accordance with the state requirements for construction materials. Virginia licensed contractors offer home remodeling and repair designer roofing that meets the high standards of quality required by VA state law, ensuring that customers get great value for every dollar they spend.


·        Has cheaper installation costs. Designer roofing can be quickly installed by exterior home remodeling experts, not requiring the intricate arrangement that older types of shingles require.


·        More friendly with the environment than older roofs. Although not as green as green roofing, stylish roofing is nowadays made with processes that do not cause harm to the environment, and that sometimes use recycled materials.


To get the most out of designer roofing, it’s crucial to have it installed by Virginia licensed contractors. Poor installation is for many homeowners the number one cause that leads to defective roofing. Ultimately, trendy roofing has many advantages for your home, which is why you should consider installing it when doing home improvements.