AAC blocks – New Age Building Material Replacing Bricks

Jul 14




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The management of ECO-CARE Building Products Pvt. Ltd. (EBPPL) is a highly qualified and proficient bunch of people who share a vision of bringing best quality eco-friendly building materials at affordable prices into the market. With this vision, we have set up a manufacturing facility producing PRIME brand of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Blocks which are a replacement for conventional mud bricks.


Instead,AAC blocks – New Age Building Material Replacing Bricks Articles one might notice the presence of much larger Grey blocks present at the site. This is to be credited to the slow but sure shift in the real estate industry which is being brought about with the use of AAC Blocks or aac cement blocks which is a superior substitute to traditionally used bricks.


AAC blocks are famously being used as a superior substitute in the place of bricks. Living in a home, made of this premium quality branded aac blocks technology in the construction material brings many advantages to the buyer. Some of the important points of differentiation include.


AAC blocks can be used not just homes & residential complexes as a green building construction but also for hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, educational institutes and so on. The world biggest brand Aparna Group has used best quality autoclaved aerated concrete blocks in most of the construction building material. In India, it’s just the beginning of the ‘Grey Revolution.’ In fact, you can go test it yourself.


AAC Block manufacturers use basic raw material used for manufacturing of AAC Blocks are Fly Ash, Gypsum, Lime, and OPC. This required quantity of raw material initially fed as a whole into the pouring mixture alongside aluminum powder that’s added as a separate component. Later on, these undergo further processing  Block casting on mold and then leads to demolding and wire cutting. The wire-cut blocks are then placed under high-pressure Steam Curing for nearly 12 hours and the result – lightweight aerated concrete blocks.


The AAC blocks are a premium quality that they can showcase your interior and exterior design construction beautifully. Ever since the arrival of AAC Blocks in the Indian Market, there’s a greater buzz for these products owing to its reliability and durable properties. Both Builders and Customers have started to have a sneak peek on the commercial aac blocks and its advantages. A lot of industrial studies and researches are been continually set up to have a briefer and better insight on the implementation of AAC Blocks and its associated products.


But then, the factual proofs and dimensional studies have largely provided a greater stand on the implementation of AAC blocks. Moreover, it is evident from the reports that the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is the Next Big Thing in the Construction Sphere. The one important consideration is AAC brick price compared to traditional bricks AAC Blocks possess less price.


So, having said that don’t you think this is the right time to explore? Or rather perceive how the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete blocks can truly change the dimensions of your dream home?


Based on the above technical benefits, the AAC blocks are considerably known for its Economical advantages as well. Owing to these tremendous benefits that the AAC blocks uphold, their ingress into the Indian market didn’t take much time. The popularity of aac bricks manufacturers then never took a halt, people started to invest more time in knowing the AAC blocks better.


This shift in transition amidst the people and industry led to the flourished acceptance of the green building material across India. Moreover, the studies as on March 2018 revealed that were 70 AAC Blocks Manufacturing units in India and worldwide that was a massive count that the construction industry never dream. Such was the degree of magnification in the domestic arena.