Avermectin ointment was unlikely forbidden

Jun 14


David Yvon

David Yvon

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As an efficient, broad-spectrum antibiotic insecticide miticide, since 2007, avermectin received a big success in rice promotion, has won widespread recognition.


Because of its control in rice stem borer,Avermectin ointment was unlikely forbidden Articles rice and other aspects has outstanding performance, it quickly becomes the new darling to alternative the highly toxic pesticides. In recent two years, due to fewer pests, coupled with the impact ofYasuhiro, rice Teng and other "four kings", the amount of avermectin declined, however, its use is still stable head of the insecticide market spot. Industry insiders estimated that even excluding emamectin benzoate products, abamectin at least occupy nearly forty percent of the insecticide market share in China.

In fact, avermectin is not the first product developed in China, in the international community, avermectin use is also very extensive. But the international community has not been medicated ointment to replace the original preparations, why China has this application? One industry source said that as a low toxicity and efficient bio-pesticide, avermectin is expensive, initially was mainly viewed as "noble medicine" for flowers and other high-end cash crops. Since 2007 promotion on rice and use, in order to reduce production costs, by-products began to be used as the original drug ointment EC formulations, since then, avermectin has been really become the general biological pesticides that farmers can afford.

This approach has been recognized by the majority of people in the industry, in their view, using the ointment instead of powder has two advantages: on the one hand, the insecticidal effect of ointment is better than powder; on the other hand, due to ointments itself contains large amounts of organic solvents, in preparing EC formulations, production costs far lower than with flour to prepare. Visible, greatest advantage of using the ointment instead of powder is diluted avermectin production costs, which is the main reason of abamectin manufacturer commonly used ointment instead of flour to prepare EC.

Although there is such a contribution of avermectin ointment, but there are still some people in the industry questioned its safety, environmental protection. Today, ointment substitutes powder was investigated, sealed storage, then will the ointment steps glyphosate mother liquor's footsteps, faced with the possibility of being forbidden?

Grease and glyphosate mother liquor are not comparable, because the method of avermectin application is mainly the spraying, very small effect on the soil, ointment is unlikely forbidden. If the ointment forbidden, avermectin production costs will greatly increase, prices are certainly increased, at the same time, as the "upgraded version of avermectin" emamectin benzoate is bound to increase price, which would be increased farmers' use costs. Combined with the powerful impact of "Four kings", by contrast, avermectin price will be pulled low. The end result is bound to make avermectin rapidly shrinking market share, "four kings" take the opportunity to host, to seize more insecticide market.

It is understood that the acres costs of current 1.8% Avermectin EC is about 10 yuan, Yasuhiro’s acres cost is about 18 yuan, if the EC price increased, by contrast, Yasuhiro’s acres cost reduced, avermectin products will lose low-cost advantage. Abamectin supplier claimed that the prevention of ointment is better than powder, if forbidden, will cause the market flagship avermectin product efficacy generally declined, the cost performance of farmer use this product is greatly reduced. Due to abamectin ointment has so far failed to determine whether exists a hazard, combined with the ointment treatment technology and equipment are common problems of fermentation process, the industry generally believe that from the near term, ointment forbidden is unlikely.