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The idea of having your own room while growing up sounds tempting to every teenage girl. Of course you cannot give a free reign to the creative impulses of a confused adolescent. But there is always a middle ground which combines the creativity of a little young girl with the utilitarian demands of her parents and guardians.

Any woman,Guest Posting who is now an established home maker, would probably agree that the teenage years of a girl’s life are the most excruciating ones. Not only is a teenage girl coping with the demands of an ever-changing environment, but also trying to come to terms with the physical and mental changes experienced by her. The need for a home, or an environment, where she can put her feet up and let her hair down, where she does not feel judged every moment of every day, is at its peak.

Letting her have her own room, where she can lower her guard and connect with herself once again is perhaps the greatest gift a parent or guardian can give her. A room which reflects her personality and is as individualistic as the girl herself is every teenager’s pride and secret haven. It is obvious then that the conventional ideas will not work. A teenage girl is modern and still in the process of developing her own ideas. She is not going to appreciate or respect antiques and the subtle elegance of traditional designs. Her space needs to be lively with modern bedroom furniture. Her room needs to have pieces which belong to her day and age.

Some simple guidelines can help you gift your little girl a bedroom of her dreams.

Conventional Pink
No girl, despite the age, is immune to the charms of pink. Pastel pink is the favored color to decorate a girl’s room with. Be it modern bedroom furniture belonging in a girl’s room or the sophisticated space which a woman likes to call her own, pink has always ruled.

Teaming pink with softer shades of gray can add a touch of much needed subtlety to any space. A decently sized room can sport a modern bed with pink laminated framework, matched with gray drawers. Floral wallpaper patterns in pinks and gray, teamed with pink and gray striped curtains instantly announce that the owner of this room is a vibrant, bubbly, young girl.

Pink throw rugs scattered across the floor not only make for great art decor, but also double up as a good mat to rest your back on while having long phone conversations. Pink, gray and white throw cushions brighten up the modern bed and add shades of youth to the room.

Black and White
Black and white never grows old. The stark contrast formed by these dramatic colors adds essence to a little girl’s room. Black and white polka dot curtains against a stark wall are mischievous and mysterious at the same time. A tall white rack to stack all her music collections, soft , white pillows with black and white motifs, white modern chairs, Dalmatian print lampshades and such other knick knacks account for modern bedroom furniture using traditional colors.

A modern bed with a white leather head-post, which is just the right size for a teenage girl, sitting atop a black and white zigzag rug completes the look with a flair which is favored by many interior decorators.

With just a little attention to detail, you can convert any room, large or small to suit the ideas of a little young girl. The options available in the markets these days are plenty. Choose one which speaks to your little girl and add little pieces which make the space more personal.

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