Find the Best Bookcase for Your Home: A Buying Guide

Dec 14


Dharmendra Chahar

Dharmendra Chahar

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If you are a voracious reader, then it is true that you will not want your books and magazines to remain scattered all across different places in your home. Finding the right bookcase or the bookshelf gives proper storage and you can also organize your books, reading materials and magazines in a much better manner when you have the solid wooden bookshelves. 


Buying guides for the best bookcases for your home


Size of the shelf: 

If there are too many books and magazines to be stored in the solid wooden bookshelves then you can rearrange the racks in the shelves. If it is a large spacious room,Find the Best Bookcase for Your Home: A Buying Guide Articles then you can buy a large wooden bookshelf made of Sheesham or Mahogany wood. Now, in small apartments people keep small bookshelves, wooden wall-mounted ones that will occupy less space, and also zigzag wooden shelves that can be placed as wall-mounted ones on one corner of the drawing room or study room. 

Choose the material wisely: 

There is no alternative to the solid wooden bookshelves when it comes to choosing the most durable material. Solid wood is fire and moisture retardant and they are also a one-time investment. You can go for the Oak and Walnut finishes and buy the bookcases accordingly. People do buy the metallic, the wrought iron shelves or those that are made of MDF or engineered wood, but the solid durability that you get from solid wood cannot match any. The bookshelf will require very less maintenance and you do not have to spend any additional repairing amount also, if you buy solid wooden bookshelves. 

Find out how many shelves you need

Before you order for a customized version of solid wooden bookshelves or go for readymade online varieties from reliable wooden furniture shops, the best part is to decide how many shelves you want. A freestanding bookshelf with three to four shelves, and two side racks can provide good storage and on the other hand, wall-mounted zigzag shelves can also be there if you want to experiment with style and functionality. Children like the zigzag solid wood designs, as they can also decorate the bookshelves not just with books, but also with their small toys, colouring books and small figurines. 

You can go for a matte finish if you do not want the design to stand out at large 

You can choose a glossy solid wooden design or else, if you do not want bright or glossy colours for the bookcase. Oak, solid Mahogany and solid Rosewood or Teak are some of the most durable varieties that give you the best value for money. Light wooden colours and textures of the bookcase will look good if you have a dark wall or interior. solid wooden bookshelves can also match with the floor and the wall decoration if you have an intricate carpet decoration and also if you have decorated ceilings in the living room. 

What type of bookcase do you want? That should be a primary prerogative

It is important to check what type of bookcase you want. That should be a primary prerogative even before you buy. Front open bookcase, reading table and keeping the bookcase beside it, wall-attached open and closed bookcases, glass door bookcase and cube bookcase and many more. Keeping the interior decoration in mind, you can buy the best bookcases. If you just need to store the simple knick knacks, then a simple bookcase will be the best option. A single, freestanding case will be the best option to choose. You need to keep in mind the fact that the bookcase if both decorative and functional. 

Finally, you should also check the budget

When you buy solid wooden bookshelves you need to check the budget and then buy accordingly. If you are already buying a furniture package and include the bookshelves in that, then that can be the best bargain. 

Now you have many reliable online furniture stores from which you can buy solid wooden bookshelves. There are EMI facilities also available and festive discounts too. So, add more glamour to your study room by buying a solid wooden bookcase. 


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