How To Build A $100,000 A Month Income In Network Marketing

Sep 27


Harry McDuffee

Harry McDuffee

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What does it take to build a $100,000 Network Marketing Business? Read To Learn...


Only the serious need to apply,How To Build A $100,000 A Month Income In Network Marketing Articles if you are not looking to make money then Network Marketing probably is not for you. Referral Marketing is a business it is not for the faint at heart. MLM is for those serious business minded people. Do you have a true inward desire burning into you that wants to work from home? Do You Truly Want Financial Freedom and the True Peace of Mind That It Brings?

This business called Network Marketing, Referral Marketing, and sometimes MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) is a business that can earn you over a million dollars a year ($100,000 per month) income. Do not laugh or sneer at that figure there are those that are earning that much and more. I Am Not, Nor Would I Joke About the Obscene Amounts of Money Being Earned in This Business!

Network Marketing is a distribution business like no other. Instead of a company paying out millions, even billions in advertising cost to make themselves and the products/services they carry known through the media they choose to market through individual people like you and I. We become Independent Distributors of the company for the so purpose of marketing the company. Instead of them paying out advertising to the media they opt to pay you and me in commissions off the sale of their products/services. This Is A Win – Win Situation for Both the Company and Us!

Why would a company choose to do this? Simple they save millions of dollars a year because of the high cost of advertising to the media. You and I as distributors get paid commissions off the sale of everyone in our group every time they order products from the company and paying us cost a lot less than paying the advertising bill. Be sides we as distributors can build an organization of retail, wholesale customers under us for a lot less than the company could advertise. Our Advertising Consist of Word of Mouth from Friend to Friend to Relative!

The Network Marketing Company provides the products/services that each of us buys each month and we find others that do the same. Everyone buys their products/services from the company instead of from the local store where we use to buy. No one is spending extra money for products/services we just switch to buying from our new store. No Extra Spending Here!

The only extra cost we may incur would be possibly our marketing cost for doing business. There are some very inexpensive tools such as DVD presentations, CD’s or cassette tapes, a website presentation, etc. Most of these things can be obtained from the company at minimal cost. These are tools for helping us present the opportunity to friends, family, or other people we come in contact with!

The great thing about this business is the support of other distributors (upline Sponsor, his sponsor, etc.) who have already been and can help us learn this business and how to market. Network Marketing is about working together as a Team. People Helping People!

The way we can earn $100,000 a month in this business is one person at a time building a team of professionals who duplicate each others success. You sponsor one help them sponsor one who helps them sponsor one who – on and on and on. Build several team members on your first level who sponsor several on their first level (your second level), etc. Keep Building and Building Till You Are Earning $100,000 each and every month!

Each person that comes into this business is ordering product/service from the company every month. These products/services are auto-shipped to each distributor automatically month after month; this insures we do not miss our commission check each month. Consumable products/services that are personally consumed by each distributor. We do not have to buy all the products/services sold by the company just a minimal amount (varies depending on company) is all anyone is ever required to order to earn their commissions each month. Remember Commissions Are Earned On the Sale of the Products/Services Sold!

What makes this a great venture capital for both the part-time (those with little up front money) and the full-time (those with the money to invest) is the low cost investment to build a truly large six-figure income per month (not just year). For those with little money and more time talk to lots of people and get the presentation out in front of them one-on-one. For those with more money and no free time there are programs that can be put on auto-pilot to build with little to no personal contact – Mass-production. Search Out the Company and Sponsor That Can Offer You What You Need to Do This Business!

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