Is is a Good Idea to Replace the Office Chair with an Exercise Ball

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One of the interesting, new ideas in office ergonomics is to replace the office chairs with exercise balls as seats. There are pros and cosn of such a work space design.

Nobody can deny that an exercise ball has solid advantages over an office chair. For instance,Guest Posting it will inevitably make your core muscles stronger because you have to put up some effort to sit on it, unlike the office chair that just allows you to collapse. Building the core muscles is the best way to address back problems so it is justified to say that an exercise ball for a seat will help with back pain and allow you to develop a better posture. Sitting on a ball also makes you burn calories constantly because you body never relaxes the way it does on a chair. This is great because it offers a partial remedy for the second worst thing about sitting all day, which is sedentariness. After a work day spent on an exercise ball, you will head home with less fat in your body and with a faster working metabolism that will keep burning fat. This can turn out to be a game changer in the long term. Finally, an exercise ball encourages you to stand up from time to time and walk around because it is not that comfortable. More exercise, more good posture and more calories burned are some of the good things that come with taking breaks.

With all the good points listed, there are also some serious problems with using an exercise ball instead of a good ergonomic office chair. First, there is no back support or arm rests and these accessories are very important for reducing the load on your spine and neck. With nothing to lean on, your back is constantly exposed to effects of gravity and your shoulders will drag your neck down all day. It can help you build some strength just as it might cause some serious back pain. Next, although the exercise ball can make you keep a good posture, it is going to last only until you are exhausted. Many a times, people start to slouch forward once they get tired on an exercise ball because there is no back part to rest on. This is the reason why experts recommend keeping your office chair and alternate between the ball and the chair throughout the day and that really tells us the office chair is better. Lastly, an exercise ball is not the most practical or good-looking thing you want to introduce to your office space. It rolls around, looks funny and can prove to be a distraction. It could fit in a startup company office with a casual and relaxed atmosphere but not in a place where formal manners are a must. Exercise balls also do not work well with suits, especially if you are going to wear a skirt.

In the final analysis, the exercise ball has its pros but it is not a true replacement for the chair. If you are in need of new seats for your office, searching for the best office chair looks like a safer choice for now.

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