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This article makes you feel comfortable and cherish your desire to live like a Sultan in Dubai. The major attractions of this city’s heritage and culture which satisfies for you and your family.

'Burj Al Arab',Guest Posting 'Bastakia Quarter', 'Heritage and Diving Village', 'Souk Area', 'Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House'… sounds familiar! Right? Well, these are just a few names, which add to the magnificence and splendor of the exotic land of Dubai. All the major attractions of this city would provide you with a fascinating insight into the city's heritage and culture, and would surely make your feel like the ancient Sultans who were known all across the globe for their splendid aura and opulence.  

Since ages gone, people have known this land to be nothing but a mere 'stretch of sand dunes', but the real credit goes to the inhabitants of the land who have converted this land into one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. So if you have been cherishing the desire to live like a Sultan in Dubai then wait no more and immediately start planning for your next vacation to Dubai.  

On your first visit only, you are sure to indulge yourself in the rich and glorious past of the city when you would visit the picturesque heritage sites or the living museums where visitors can look back in time and explore the past of Dubai.

The hotels of Dubai truly make your experience the divinity that this land has to offer. Set in the heart of the Arabian land, Dubai truly brings you lavishness mingled with pleasure.  

Al Qasr: - Built and designed in the style of a monarch's summer residence, this place exudes opulence and grandeur out of every corner. It is not only beautifully furnished but also has every desire of yours catered for. With a sea view and private beach at your disposal, you are sure to experience the lavishness and affluence that the monarchs used to enjoy during their rule.

Ramada Continental: - This is one of the many grand hotels in Dubai, which treats you like a prince during your stay there with its excellent palatial ambience. For many years this stately structure has been a favorite of the sportsperson as the famous Creek Golf Club is located at a short proximity from here.

Hilton Jumeirah: - Set amongst the exquisitely beautiful gardens on the pristine Jumeirah beach, this hotel is sure to make your dream of living like a sultan in Dubai a reality.

Al Khaleej Palace Hotel: - Brilliantly designed and tastefully decorated, the Al Khaleej Palace Hotel seems to be nothing but a stately empire of the prehistoric sultans. The ideal location, perfect room settings and the luxurious range of amenities truly make this place a traveler’s favorite.

The wealth of cultural and entertainment based activities in and around Dubai would surely let you submerge yourself in the pool of immense pleasure, and within a short span of your stay here, you are sure to feel the aura of the Mughal monarchs getting a hold of you. Do not be too surprised if after returning to your native land, all you can manage to dream of is huge chandeliers gracing your quaint little room or your bathtub as a pool filled in with milk and rose petals. After all, you dreamt to live like a sultan in Dubai.

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