You Were Born To Succeed

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You Were Born To Succeed -- Kelvin R. ... what does it mean to you? We as human beings are born with success in our soul. In fact, success is innate to human beings from the

You Were Born To Succeed -- Kelvin R. Shaw   Success,Guest Posting what does it mean to you? We as human beings are born with success in our soul. In fact, success is innate to human beings from the very moment we are born. For instance, no one had to teach you how to eat, walk, or even talk. As an infant, you innately knew what to do with the nipple of the bottle the instant it entered your mouth. You had a huger and a deep desire to fulfill that hunger. No one had to tell you to begin sucking on the nipple of the bottle in order to get food. You intrinsically knew.

   As a toddler, you moved around on your hands and knees crawling everywhere you wanted to go; this too was an innate endeavor. You crawled around until you were ready to take on walking, right? At that point, it was your strong desire to walk that gave you the fortitude to take your very first step. You overcame your fear of falling and learned to walk.

   You then learned to talk and probably said your first words even before you learned to walk. Those words were probably 'momma' or 'dada'. However, your speech became much clearer after you learned to walk. Therefore, from the time you were an infant you were capable of succeeding on many different levels that are intrinsic to your own beliefs and desires.

   Fast forward. Now that you are an adult and have succeeded on many different levels throughout your young life, you are capable of succeeding even more. Success doesn’t stop at Success. Success is a continuum. When you stop succeeding that is when you cease to exist. Never let your past successes lull you into sleep; succeed in every area of your life.

   How you may ask? By using the tools and systems that others have created for you to use. People like Dr. Kevin Nunley, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracey, Robert T. Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Zig Ziggler, Harvey Mc Kay to name a few. A success mantra I now use is: Success lives in (add your state) because success lives where I live. I must be willing to share my Success and to help others Succeed. Each one must reach one and teach one. I read this in the book “Success Runs In Our Race,” by George Fraser. I simply adapted it to fit my situation.

   Now, for success to take place, you must first want and have a strong desire to achieve success in whatever you want to achieve success in. Whether it is in your relationships, your marriage, your business, or your finances, you can achieve success if you want it strongly enough. Why shouldn’t you want success in these areas of your life. You deserve it. Don’t you?

   So how do you begin to achieve success? You can either rely on your own skills and resources or you can follow someone else’s program or formula. The simple formula below can prove to be very beneficial to anyone willing to follow its simple steps and stick with it long enough to realize their success.

    The magic formula for achieving success is:
  • you must desire success strongly (a burning desire)      
  • you must take ACTION toward achieving Success      
  • you must persist until you achieve Success
You also should document your steps toward your goals from start (your desire) to finish (your success). This way you can keep track of any negative or positive progress toward your success.

   In conclusion, success is a natural part of human nature from the time we are born to the time we pass. I truly believe that our beliefs and the actions we take toward our beliefs contributes to our successes in life. With this article, I hope that you will keep dreaming, believing, and taking action toward your successes in life. Like Nike "Just Do It" until you become successful. Take care and God Bless.

Here is one of my insperational poems titled "If": IF.

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