3 Things You Must Know When Looking For Kids Cubby Houses

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If you are on the hunt for a cubby house, then read on to find out the three things you must know when looking for kids cubby houses.

Kids cubby houses are a wonderful gift for children. Not only are they a great hideout,Guest Posting keeping your kids entertained for hours, they are also brilliant for sparking children's imagination. Children's cubbies can come in all shapes and sizes and there are many gorgeous designs, styles and products on the market. Making a decision can be tough when looking for kids cubby houses, however there are really only three things you must know before you make a purchase.

1. Safety: What kind of pine is it made with?

Many years ago, wooden cubby houses used to be built with CCA timber, which unfortunately contained arsenic. When looking for cubbies, make sure you check with the supplier as to what kind of pine they are using to build with. Make sure it is arsenic free treated pine, which is much safer to have around children and pets and importantly, is environmentally friendly.

2. Strength/ Stability: Will your cubby house stand the test of time?

Children's cubbies can be built on the cheap, however one built shoddily can cause repercussions later - whether it be falling down or breaking apart during a storm, or just being a safety hazard for your kids and their friends. Consider using a supplier who works with the best materials on the market and will make a timber one that will stand the test of time. Ask your supplier what kind of flooring is used on the inside of the house. Ideally you want Yellow Tongue flooring, which is moisture resistant and is also used in housing. Buying a mass produced cheap throwaway cubby is a waste of time and money and could work against you in the long run. Buying a hand-made product means you are guaranteed a strong and stable product that you can reuse over the generations.

3. Design: Does it get your creative juices flowing?

Most cubby houses come in kit form and can be easily assembled with a detailed instruction list. Alternatively, many companies will deliver and install. Cubbies add an attractive landscaping dimension to any garden, so it is worth spending some time choosing the right design. Check with your supplier whether the cubby house has the option of being elevated, allowing for other play equipment to be added, such as a slide.

Find out what colour roofing is on the cubby as it may match or complement your existing roof colour. Many kids cubby houses come standard in a natural timber finish, otherwise you may have the option to have it stained, which will keep the colour looking fresh. Hand crafted and original designs make one look like a miniature house. Some homes even have a letterbox for mail for the kids and come standard with a cute little verandah. An original design will make your property stand out and be a wonderful addition to any home.

There are many additional features that you can add to your kids cubbies over time, from playground equipment to inside features, such as miniature stoves and sinks. Kids cubby houses are great for bringing the family together when building and decorating. So when looking for kids cubby houses, make sure you go in armed to make sure you are going to get the best product that will continue to delight your children and their children and their children for many years to come!

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