4 Common Types of Awnings You Can Purchase in Singapore

Dec 14


Deniel Smith

Deniel Smith

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Outdoor awnings can offer more than enhanced home’s curb appeal and outdoor space. They also serve many purposes that can add value to a home. These shades can safeguard doors and windows from the harsh weather, cut off direct sunlight that enters a room, protect flooring, furniture or walls from sun damage, and so on.


So if you’re planning to install an awning in your home,4 Common Types of Awnings You Can Purchase in Singapore Articles carry out that plan as soon as you can. The sooner you get such a covering, the sooner you and your family get protected.

In Singapore, there’s a wealth of options that you can consider. Keep reading to find out the common types of awnings that you can purchase in the Lion City.

Understanding the Different Awning Types

Fixed Awnings

As its name suggests, fixed awnings are attached in a fixed position. They’re installed in the exterior wall, above a doorway, patio door, or window.

These awnings come in different shapes and sizes, but the most popular shapes are the concave, dome and convex. These three are dominant in Singapore as they’re used in most homes and infrastructures.

Fixed awnings are usually made of high-quality fabrics—vinyl, acrylic, metal, etc. Awnings made from vinyl offer the best durability for residential applications because they’re waterproof, fire retardant and can stay tight on the frame for a long time.

Drop Arm Awnings

Drop arm awnings are traditional sun blinds with a simple and easy construction. These are also fixed in a certain position but in a different way.

This awning type is typically designed to enhance the look of windows and small balconies, which means they’re smaller in size. It’s installed in a slant position and comes with side arms to withstand high winds and adverse weather.

Since drop arm awnings are small-sized, they’re easy to clean and maintain. Simply step up on the ladder and gently spray the fabric with a hose or brush off the dirt of the skin. If there are minor spots, wipe them up with mild soap and a damp cloth.

Automatic Awnings

Of all the awnings available in the market, automatic awnings are the most forward-looking and inventive.

Also referred to as motorised awnings, these awnings offer ease of operation with wireless remote control. This means owners can extend the awning or adjust the light coming in with just a touch of the button—no manual operations.

The technology behind the automatic awnings improved over the years. Today, there are “smart” types that can automatically detect any bad weather condition and extend by themselves.

Retractable Awnings

Just like the other awning types, retractable awnings are attached to the exterior wall of a home or any infrastructure.

What only sets them apart from the rest is that they’re fully retractable—either manually or automatically. They can be rolled up or folded up by manually retracting them or using a remote control.

In addition to the retractable option, these awnings have the distinct advantage of versatility. They can be used as a shade when required or be saved from the harsh weather conditions like heavy monsoon rains, which can damage the awning.

What Do Awnings Do?

In case you’re still not convinced in getting this window covering for your home, check out what do awnings do:

  • Protect your home from the harsh weather elements
  • Improve your home exterior colour and style
  • Reduce annual cooling energy costs
  • Give control of your patio space
  • Preserve interior furnishings

Choose The Right Awning

Awnings add a great value to a home. From aluminium to canvas, these shades are produced with an array of different materials in retractable and fixed styles.                 

Contact now a reliable supplier to improve your home’s appearance and protect your residential property.