Everything You Need to Know About Adding Window Awnings

Jan 17


Alice Perera

Alice Perera

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One very popular type of exterior window treatment is Awnings.


Window treatments are a great way of beautifying your home,Everything You Need to Know About Adding Window Awnings Articles while at the same time getting protection from the heat, cold, wind and glare, and also for controlling the light and privacy of a room. 

Awnings come in varying styles such as: 

  • Retractable Awnings
  • Fixed Awnings
  • Waterfall Awnings
  • Ornamental Awnings
  • Window Awnings
  • Sloped Awnings
  • Straight Drop Awnings


If you are looking to get awnings for your home, here are a few things you should first consider:

Material – Awnings are made in a variety of materials, including outdoor fabric, aluminium, mesh and PVC. While traditional awnings such as retractable or fixed awnings come in fabric and aluminium, you can find straight drop awnings in Sydney made from mesh, block out fabric or PVC. Most people are hesitant about fabric as it may fade in time due to the harsh sun. In such circumstances, you can consider using PVC or aluminium which are long-lasting materials. 

Size – Smaller awnings are usually used mainly for ornamental purposes such as over windows etc, and larger awnings are mainly for protection from the elements such as wind, heat, glare etc. 

Type – With so many types of awnings available in the market, it can be quite a daunting task selecting the most suitable for your purpose. For ease of operation, you can get motorized awnings, or in the alternative, the traditional crank-operated ones. You can also select from retractable, fixed or straight drop type, depending on what your specific requirement is. 

Awnings are not only aesthetically appealing and increase the value of your home, but they are a very versatile type of window covering which provides protection from the elements and are ideal for cooling your home during hot summer days. 

If you are looking for something to separate an outdoor area or for creating a year-round entertainment area around your deck or verandah, a popular option is straight drop awningsin Sydney, which are available with certain recognized vendors of blinds and shutters.