The Appeal of Curved Shower Curtains

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Informative article about curved shower curtains and rods.

A shower curtain with a curved rod is not usually what people think of when wondering how to get additional space in their shower.  Curved shower curtains are a unique concept that finds a little extra space that you don’t get with a straight curtain rod.A curved rod is installed around a bathtub that may or may not have a shower. Curved shower curtains were original designed to complement a curved front oval bath tub.  The curved shower curtains were so attractive and eye catching that people began to want them.  Soon people discovered that by installing the curved shower curtains around a rectangle bath tub shower.  The shower curtain with a curved rod will bow out in the center about six inches.  The curved shower curtains then curve back around and come back in three inches at the corners.  This curved rod forms a half circle around the bathtub that does not let water get out of the shower area.There are a couple of ways to accomplish the curved shower curtains shape.  You can install tracking on the ceiling above your bathtub and attach your shower curtain.  This is a discreet way to showcase your shower curtain and not the curved shower curtain rod.  If installed properly it goes relatively unnoticed unless you look straight up at the ceiling.   Curved shower curtains made of drapery fabric look great hung this way.Curved rods that install just like a regular shower curtain are a popular and economical way to achieve curved shower curtains.   Many styles are available.  Some shower curtain curved rods are very ornate.  Your shower curtain’s curved rod can become an artistic statement with finials.  Finials are decorative pieces that screw into the end of your shower curtain curved rod.  They are meant to be seen and come in a multitude of designs,Guest Posting from simple to elaborate.Packaged curved shower curtain rods usually include the hardware to install them. The screws and bracket are included.  The shower curtain and curved rod finials are generally not included.  You will need to check the manufacturer’s packaging content list for what is included with the one you select.When shopping for curved shower rods; keep in mind not all are created equal.  Solid brass curved shower rods are the strongest, most durable and the most expensive.  They are worth the investment, if you can afford them.  Make sure they’re a sturdy thickness to hold your curved shower curtains.If solid brass shower curtain curved rods prove to be outside your budget; you still have an option for metal shower curtain curved rods.  Rolled steel with a thick coating of brass or bronze is used to make shower curtain curved rods.  Finials are available made this way as well.  These are beautiful and economical.  The steel may rust a small amount over time.  A clear coating on the rust spot regularly will help alleviate this issue.Curved shower curtains can be used to add some elbow room to a bathtub shower or to showcase a beautiful bathtub or shower curtain. Curved rods add style and design interest to your bathroom.

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