9 Best Ideas for Outstanding Loft Conversions

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When you are running out of space, want to fit your family in the small house then a loft conversion is the best way to overcome this problem.  A loft conversion is the right way to make more space and create alternative rooms at the same time.

The loft converted room is very much comfortable than the other rooms.  There are lots of options you can go for and plan your house conversion.  It is important to take the planning permission for your lofts work. There are couple of things that indicate that you required planning permission or not. There are different types of loft conversion you can opt for like roof-light conversion,Guest Posting dormer loft conversion, hip to gable, and mansard conversion.  The cost of the roof-light conversion is around 15000 euros, dormer conversion up to 35000 euro, hip to gable up to 65000 euro and mansard conversion around 75000 euros. Here read our expert's loft conversion ideas that will help you to plan loft work:

  1. Plan for small loft conversions

If you are planning for small loft conversions like a home office, child bedroom, and TV room then you can easily work out for small loft work. The minimum height of 2.3 m is good for fitting and loft work.  There are many options available to increase the space in the room.  You can remove some portion of the roof but it comes under the planning permission so can go for a modular version of the loft conversions.

  1. Choose the Good Design for Loft

If you are looking for the loft conversion purley, choose the right design that suits your room.  If you opt for light-colored that will make your room look larger and lighter. It will look a little clinical. It is also a good way to pair the room with woods and soft furnishing that will feel you little welcoming.  Use these ideas will make you feel inspiring.

  1. Plan furniture layout design

According to the ceiling height and space, you can plan the furniture design for the room.

  1. Hire the professional for room designing

You can hire the architect that will help you to provide drawings, and put builders to take the right decision for loft conversion work. If you are able to convey the designer to create exactly you want in the room. The other option is to hand over the completed project to the building and design contractors at an inclusive price.

  1. Implement Day-Light Loft Conversion

Think about the size and position of the windows which is the important portion in the room.  For the increased natural sunlight, glazing should be done on 20 percent of the roof area. The window position will be taken as the roof shape.

  1. Implement balanced loft conversion

A loft conversion is a perfect way to make the house proportionate. Mainly the houses have extra bedrooms and a suite bathroom. If you are living in amazing locations, you can consider some good living spaces for the loft work that will improve the beauty of the area.

  1. Stylish Bathroom in the Loft

In the bathroom, require enough headroom and easy access while taking showers. A free stand bathroom can easily be sited under the low ceilings. Simple color palette work will add periodic architecture and charm to the bathroom structure.

  1. Install the Stylish Shower Room

The stylish shower room is good for loft conversion ideas. Check you have enough headroom for a shower or not. You should include the good-sized window if you don’t have then you can add or fit the extractor fan in the shower room. A concealed shower will add more space to the room.

  1. Designing Home Office By Loft Conversion

If you have an extra bedroom which is not used for family work and you work from home then it might be a good idea.  To maximize productivity, you can create a home office in the extra room. The home office requires extra light for better work.  There are many specialists available for transforming the loft conversion work you can opt for.

The loft conversion ideas will inspire you to improve your home and add extra space.

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