A Guide to the Types of Vertical Blinds

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A brief introduction to the different types of Vertical Blinds that one may seek around the world.

Vertical blinds are often thought of as necessities. They are a way to block out the rays of the sun when they become far to overpowering. Vertical blinds previously were thought of as somewhat of an eyesore. While they did their job fantastically they were not the most attractive thing to look at. The world of vertical blinds has changed immensely. We now have blinds that function well as well as add style and décor to any room. Vertical blinds today can be a feature of a room rather than something that is hidden and de-emphasized. In the past,Guest Posting vertical blinds were generally made of metal or wood. These made the blinds light and easy to clean. However, they were not the most attractive feature in the room. Today there are a multitude of materials that vertical blinds can be created from. All of their own unique and individual use as well as features to add style to your rooms. Vertical blinds can be easily made out of paper. This paper is very strong and durable and lends itself well to the task of keeping out the light. Paper vertical blinds are permanently pleated and pull up into the window reveal. They can be nicely combined with curtains as well. An advantage to paper vertical blinds is that they are very cheap and readily available. Those who hate dusting will love the fact that they are very easy to clean. The downside to paper vertical blinds is that they are only available in a limited range of styles. If you’re looking for a blind that is inexpensive and can be used with curtains then paper blinds could be the answer. Vertical blinds can also be made from cane. These cane vertical blinds roll up or can be pleated. The are generally made from whole pieces of bamboo or from bamboo that has been split. These can be very attractive and can add character to a room with a tropical or Mediterranean theme. However, if one is looking to block the sun completely then these are not the blinds for you? Due to their design, it is impossible to screen out the sun completely. Cane vertical blinds are best used in conservatories or rooms where muted light is best. These also are not the ideal blinds to give privacy as one could see through them. If you’re looking for blinds to just reduce the light then cane vertical blind could be a good choice. If you have windows that are inaccessible, then wooden vertical blinds are a good choice. These are made from slats of wood and are generally available in their natural tones. They are easy to keep clean and can be spray painted is one desired a different color. Wooden vertical blinds do an excellent job keeping the sun out and look quite attractive in a variety of situations. Vertical Louvers are a type of vertical blind made of canvass, wood or synthetic fiber. The can be turned and pivoted to allow for various degrees of light. They are particularly attractive in contemporary homes and work well in large picture windows. If you’re into the contemporary look and want some flexibility in the amount of light you let in the Vertical louvers could be the answer. Finally, there are Venetian blinds. These are vertical blinds that are slatted. They pull up to the reveal and are available in a wide range of materials. The advantage of venetian blinds is that they are highly adjustable. When they are fully opened they are almost invisible. When they are shut they let hardly any light in. they were originally designed for the office however, they suit many modern style homes. Available in cedar or pine generally, Venetian vertical blinds add a sense of natural beauty to any home. Vertical blinds no longer have to be viewed as a necessity. They can be used as a feature to highlight any window. They are no longer the eyesores of days gone by but beautiful decorative items that also perform an essential function. The various types of vertical blinds are readily available.

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