All Homeowners Need to Know About Domestic Doors

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Predominantly, moving into a new home and choosing your furnishings, paint colours and accessories is a very exciting time. However, internal and external doors aren't something you've probabl given too much thought to, which is why we've made this decision easier with this article.

When dreaming of becoming a homeowner,Guest Posting we often get carried away with planning themes for each room and browsing for bargain furniture finds. However, not all decisions are the most enjoyable to make, but still need to be made, nonetheless.

One of those being doors. For some, this may be an exciting decision if you take delight in planning every last, minute detail. For the rest of us who aren’t particularly excited to spend hours choosing the perfect door for every room, we’ve put together a comprehensive breakdown to make this decision easier for you.


What are the types of household doors?

If you’re not a Pinterest addict, devoted to making boards for every area of the house, here are the most common choices for domestic doors.


  • Popular with homeowners where the doors aren’t a decorative feature and are purely chosen for their purpose. The staple white interior doors are often made from a softwood, such as pine, to keep them affordable and light. Ideal for minimalist interiors.
  • For an added layer of wealth, opting for hardwoods like mahogany and oak are winners every time. Holding on to their natural markings, these doors help to add a touch of purity and splendour to your interior. Affluence from the aesthetic right through to the heavy weightiness when opened and closed.
  • Optimum light levels are a particularly important priority for many homeowners nowadays. As well as large windows, having glass internal doors helps the natural light to flow with ease through your home. Light, open spaces are all the hype at the moment, use glass doors to add a modern feel to your home.



  • UPVC doors with frosted or decorative glass windows is the style of front door that you’ll see attached to most houses. Cost-effective, secure, and low maintenance. A UPVC front door ticks many nonchalant homeowners’ boxes.
  • Show home. Again, if you’re a Pinterest lover, the painted wooden door set within a feature porch is most likely your front door of choice. One that serves its purpose but can primarily be decorated for all seasons; a Christmas wreath, pumpkins and hay bales, daffodils and chicks, and sunflowers.


Which door is the cheapest?

If you hadn’t guessed already, the most fairly priced doors for your home are the simple and conservative designs. In other words, softwood internal doors and UPVC external doors. For softwood doors, you can expect a price bracket of £20-130 per door, and a UPVC door ranges from £180-295 each.


A few commonly asked logistic questions, answered here:

Can you put a new door on an existing frame?

Now, the answer to this entirely depends on which door you’re replacing. A new wooden door can be fitted into an existing frame; however, some carpentry work may need to be involved in order to make sure the hinges line up and it is the right size. Whereas, trying to fit a new UPVC door into an existing frame would create more hassle than it’s worth and in turn, prevent you from saving any money in the long run.

When replacing a door, will the door lock remain the same?

Similarly, to the answer above, trying to keep the same handle and lock for your external doors would require more fuss than we all have time for. Considering most doors come with their own locking system or have a complementary package which would include one, save yourself precious time and effort.


Little did we all know that when it comes to choosing the doors in your home, both internal and external, there is a substantial amount of decision making to be done in order to guarantee you make the right choice. After reading this, you should have a little insight into what choices are out there and which ones suit the requirements you’ve set for your home.

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