An above ground pool fence can save your child’s life

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Even if you have a pool that it not dug into the ground, you still need to get an above ground pool fence to keep your child safe.

Unfortunately,Guest Posting there are a lot of people that do not see the need for an above ground pool fence. This should not be confusing to anyone. People know that if they have young children and a property that backs up to a lake or ocean, they need to put a fence along the perimeter of their property. Why should a pool be treated any differently?  It does not matter if you have a pool that is dug into the ground or an above ground pool that is surrounded by a deck. If you know how to use tools and install things around your house, and local laws permit, you must install your own pool fence. If you are not so good with tools, then you will have to spend the money to pay a professional to come to your location and install a pool fence for you. Some above ground pools come with a lattice fence around the pool. This is for decoration and not in any way meant to be a safety measure. Only a true above ground pool fence can keep your child safe from the hazards of the water.

A pool fence is fantastic way to keep your child safe should you accidentally lose track of them, however it should not be the first line of defense. You must always keep a close eye on any child that is near a body of water. Accidents happen in a matter of seconds so you cannot take your eyes off them at all. Tons of tragedies happen when parents run and grab the phone or answer the door while their children are playing in the pool. When asked later the parents always say that they were only gone for a few moments. Do not look away for any length of time, no matter how short.

An above ground pool fence cannot take the place of safe practices. We will cover some of the basic pool safety rules that you must follow to ensure your kid’s safety. As we have said already, never leave any child in a pool unattended. Never allow inflatable devices to take the place of watching your kids. Inflatable toys are fun and useful but they are not guardians and should not be treated as such. Learn CPR and how to put it to use. Accidents can happen so you have to be ready to react quickly and appropriately if they do. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is always being improved upon so be sure to keep certified and informed of new developments. Lastly, if you have an above ground pool, remove the steps when they are not being used to prevent accidents.

The more that you learn about pool safety, the less chances there will be for your child to come to harm. If you use common sense while your children are at the pool and have the appropriate equipment, such as an above ground pool fence, your chances of having a problem are much lower.

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