Are Ironing Pads Really Necessary?

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Ironing pads are used in place of ironing boards and are meant to help ironing go more smoothly and to protect surfaces.

Ironing pads are more commonly used these days than other ironing related items. There are a number of reasons for this trend. People who iron do not want to have to pull out a huge ironing board if they only have one or two things to do,Guest Posting and they usually do not have the room to leave one set up all the time. An ironing pad can be the perfect solution for their needs, both for ironing and storage.

Ironing Pads Take the Place of the Bulky Ironing Board

In the old days, the home was not complete without an ironing board. If there was not a space dedicated to the laundry where the board could be set up all the time, then there was a folding board in the closet, behind a door or even under a bed. Then came the smaller, table top ironing boards or even the built in models that just popped out from behind its own little door. As clothing designers started using wrinkle free clothing and fewer people ironed on a daily basis, the ironing board became a thing of the past.

Fewer and fewer people needed to have an ironing board, let alone a full sized board that took up so much precious floor space. That was when the ironing pad became more popular. Small enough to fold up and store virtually anywhere but large enough to get the job done correctly, the pad eliminated the need for ironing board but still provided enough protection for the surface that was being ironed on.

Washing and Other Considerations

Unlike an ironing board pad, these smaller, self contained pads may have easier care considerations, including the ability to be washed in the typical home washing machine. However, before throwing yours in with other items, it is important that you read the care label to be sure that it will not shrink, bunch or come apart. In some cases, the pad might be treated with a chemical to make it more heat resistant and should not be placed in the washing machine. In addition to making sure that the item can be washed, make sure that it can be dried in the dryer as well.

While you are ironing, you should be careful of some of the sprays that you consider using. Spray starch or other laundry helpers can possibly mar the surface of the ironing pad and may eventually lead to a sticky stain that can damage your clothing.  Ironing pads are supposed to help you to take better care of your clothing, not ruin it.

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