Bathroom Lighting—Integrating Light Fixtures For Better Functionality

Jan 30


Ashley Woods

Ashley Woods

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Illuminating your bath room is great way to enjoy the full comfort and functionality of your toilet, bath, and vanity area. On top of that, good illumination can keep you and your little ones safe while using the bath room during the day and more so during the night. A well lit bath room is also a good indication just how much you value that space in your house. Whether you know this or not, the bath room is the most common part of the house that you visit every single day before start and end your day.

Good bathroom lighting can only be achieved when planned and executed properly using the right combination of elements. The type of light fixtures also plays a huge role in illumination. Selecting the right combination of these fixtures are so important in order to provide a good layer of illumination for each area of the bath room.
Since the bath room generally provides the place where essential activities are done,Bathroom Lighting—Integrating Light Fixtures For Better Functionality Articles it is crucial that proper fixtures are provided for each area that needs good focus on illumination. Each area should be clear and bright enough for users. Whether you are bathing, using the toilet, soaking in the tub, or applying makeup, light fixtures should be installed properly for optimum result. Hence, before thinking of decorating your bath room with other fixtures, focus first on illumination of the important areas.
The vanity area is the primary area of the bath room that needs a lot of attention when selecting for the right set of fixtures. This is because the vanity area can be the perfect place to groom yourself in front of the mirror. The light fixtures you should choose should not be too dim or too bright. For a flattering effect and optimum illumination, wall scones can placed on either side of the mirror. So not only can you style your hair the right way, but you can also flawlessly apply makeup and safely do shaving.
Recessed lights are commonly used for illuminating the tub, toilet, and shower area. These light fixtures should be properly angled to make sure that proper amounts of light are directed in the area. For the shower, it is important to only use a fixture that’s designed to resist and withstand water, moisture, and dampness. On top of that, incorporating dimmer switches on your light fixtures can add beauty and soothing ambiance to your bathroom lighting.