Beyond The Kitchen Paper Towel- Different Types Of Non-roll Paper Towels

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A paper towel is a piece of paper that can be used as a towel and then thrown away after a single use.

The most commonly used type is the kitchen paper towel,Guest Posting which are perforated rolls of paper towels that are mounted on a cardboard rod a little longer than the width of the roll. Most people think of the kitchen paper towel as the only kind of paper towel available, but actually there are many different types that do not come on a roll. These non-roll towels are distinguished by the fold of the paper towel. These paper towels include c-fold, multifold, scottfold, and single fold towels. But what are these various types of non-roll paper towels and how do they actually differ?

C-fold towels are large towels that are approximately 10 inches by 12 inches in sheet size that are folded down to approximately 10 inches by 4 inches in size in the shape of a "C". The folding of these larger sized towels makes dispensing and storing much easier and more convenient. These towels are made to be loaded in a c-fold towel dispenser to dispense one at a time. C-fold towels are available in 1-ply or 2-ply strengths depending on absorbency needs. These c-fold towels are made by such manufactures and brands as Windsoft, Boardwalk, Tork, Kimberly-Clark, Kleenex, Scott, Georgia-Pacific, BigFold, and Acclaim.

Multifold towels are paper towels that are different in shape than c-fold towels and folded in 3 layers, like an accordion. These 1-ply towels are approximately 9.2 inches x 9.4 inch sheet size from manufactures like Kimberly-Clark, Scott, Georgia-Pacific, Windsoft, and Boardwalk. Multifold towels are available in white or natural (brown) paper. These large towels are thick, strong, and more absorbent so you use less.

Scottfold towels are 1-ply paper towels are usually 12.4 inch length sheets. These towels are folded in half, therefore they differ from the c-fold and multifold towels that are folded in threes. Scottfold towels are sold as a replacement for c-fold and multifold towels as a cost saving substitute with an estimated 10% cost savings. Scottfold towels are available from manufactures such as Kimberly-Clark Professional.

Single fold towels are paper towels are also folded in half, but they are larger than scottfold towels. These towels come ready to load into dispensers, but they also come in a Pop-Up Box for one-at-a-time dispensing. Like scottfold towels, single fold towels are great for areas that require an economy line of washroom products. These high-quality towels are thick, strong, and absorbent. Single fold towels also come made in recycled content. These towels can be purchased in white, brown, and blue from the same manufactures that produce scottfold towels.

If you need non-roll paper towels, whether they be c-fold towels, multifold towels, scottfold towels or single fold towels, the easiest way to explore the different types of paper towels is to shop online. You can browse the different types of paper towels and decide which type fits your needs. Join the smart shoppers who order their cleaning supplies online and discover why shopping for non-roll paper towels online makes perfect sense!

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