Ceiling Fans Offer More Energy-Efficient Cooling For Your Home

Jan 31


Ashley Woods

Ashley Woods

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Cool ventilation is important in the home especially during the summer months. The scorching heat felt outside is certainly most unwelcome inside the home. Although most residences nowadays are outfitted with central air-conditioning systems, their high electrical costs can put dents in the pockets of many homeowners. Therefore, a more energy-efficient alternative is being sought. And this can easily come in the form of ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans can be called upon to lessen the heat inside the dwelling during summertime. They provide coolness to the homeowners by employing the most traditional strategy which is putting the ambient air in motion. The fast spinning of the blades causes the air to move around which help to make the environment inside the residence a lot cooler. Having one situated in every room in the home can contribute to making your space feel more comfortable,Ceiling Fans Offer More Energy-Efficient Cooling For Your Home Articles light and breezy.

The ceiling fans come as a boon to homeowners because their operation is very energy efficient. If you compare the amount of power it takes to run an air-conditioning unit and an overhead fan, you will be astounded by the huge difference. Typically, your central air-conditioning will require about 3,500 watts of energy to get them to cool your entire indoor surroundings. A ceiling fan, on the other hand, will require only a minimum of 24 watts on a low-speed 42" blade fan and a maximum of 90 watts on a high-speed 52" blade fan. So, you can just imagine the massive savings you can get if you only rely on this type of cooling system.

When you furnish the various rooms you have with these units, you can maximize their energy-efficient properties by making use of them only when you are inside the space. Bear in mind, these overhead fans do not cause the ambient temperature to change. Rather, they only work to make you feel cool when you are hit by the sweeping air that they produce. By switching the fans when you are not inside the room, you can definitely cut back on your utility fees.

The most remarkable thing about these overhead rotating devices is that they can also be used outdoors. With the sunny weather outside, sometimes you also wish to stay and party in your own backyard. When you have a roofed patio in your residence, you can definitely attached outdoor overhead fans unto it. Having these devices can help in making your stay outside a lot more comfortable and soothing, too.