Completely Remove Bees From Your House

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For Sufficient bee removal from a residence, building or other location, try the methods listed in this article. Save your hard earned funds and don’t pay lethargic bee keepers and professionals. My experience of dealing with these people was not applausable.

One warm and sunny day I was enjoying my deck at my humble abode when I recognized some problems buzzing around a support post. No,Guest Posting it couldn’t be. Yes, it is. Bees! Bees are living in the cornice of my patio and I had no idea until now. I am very aware of everything that goes on under my roof and I was very surprised to be informed that I had a gigantic bee hive on the rear of my house.This bee nest is the worst kind because it cannot be seen. Bees are coming and going through a crack between the brick and the molding and have made a home in a very well protected area. Since the nest  is not visible, I have guess what size of bee infestation that I have.At first, I recognized a large swarm of bees from the time of lunch to mid evening. A swarm so huge that I cant sit outside anymore from fear of getting a bee sting. I don’t even know what kind of bee has infested my residence. I go  to the world wide web and search for bee information. What I find is very good. I have honey bees. This type of bee is not the aggressive  bee that has migrated to North America in recent years.Secondly, I shopped for bee keepers, exterminators, animal services and fire department. To my surprise, no one will kill bees except bee professionals. Professionals are not ultra expensive neither cheap. Every price acquired seemed unfairly high. Many people I contacted didn’t return my calls or email. With my experience unfolding non favorably, I decided to buy bee killer and spray it in the hole of the colony at night when the bees are not active.  Not much good came from the bug spray.After depleting several cans of spray, I begun to recognize that I have a acute problem and unless I allocate much money, I can’t convince anyone to help me. Public services even sighed in hopelessness and told me to call a bee specialist.  I applied borax powder and spread it at the opening of the bee hive, but that didn’t work either.Next, I started a serious search online for a solution. There should be something I can do without having to spend an unacceptable amount of money to exterminate my house of a pest that numbers in the thousands. Each one with a little stinger on it. After much time of internet searching and trying other insignificant solutions, I found something that I never thought about.A bug zapper is the last thing I would expect to kill a bee infestation. I read several reviews and saw good feedback. The best part is that I didn’t need to get one. I already had a bug zapper. I over looked it a few days prior when I was looking for a bee solution. I mounted the electronic bug killing zapper next to the bee hive entrance and plugged it in. Immediately, I see smoke, sparks and  hear frying sounds. Bees are dying.After several days of this method, I quickly concluded that I have so many bees that I need something additional or the extermination could take too long time. From previous  internet browsing, I remembered seeing videos of bee professionals using vacuum cleaners to collect honey bees. I sprang to get my garage vacuum cleaner and placed the hose up the brick column positioning the end at the bee hive opening. I powered the vacuum cleaner and the results were amazing. A few hours of vacuum cleaner use far exceeded the bug zapper. I highly recommend using the two machines together to fight a serious problem which is what I had. All other suggestions I found applauds removing the bee hive once the bees have left. I will try my luck and not remove the hive but I will block the bee hive holes with insulation to prevent more bees entering the soffit area of my house to make another nest.I felt compelled to spread this information with the rest of the free world because I think it is a pity that home owners cant get help with this kind problem without spending too much money. The methods I listed above do work, but be careful as to not get bee stings. To view a short video clip of what I did click this link.

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