Contractor vs. Remodeler: Is There A Difference?

Jun 27


Tara Dawn

Tara Dawn

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Home remodeling contractors and roofing or siding remodelers aren't always the same thing. Learn what the differences are and which one you should use when looking for a reliable siding company.


In the home remodeling industry there are a variety of terms that are tossed around by remodeling companies,Contractor vs. Remodeler: Is There A Difference? Articles electricians, siding contractors and architects. It can cause a good deal of confusion, particularly when homeowners are getting quotes from various specialists such as siding contractors. The bottom line is that there is no official difference between a contracting and a remodeling company, although most companies that do residential improvements and upgrades refer to themselves as home remodelers because they focus specifically on exterior remodeling such as roofing and windows rather than furnace installation, plumbing and other types of improvements.

What Does A Remodeler Do?

Remodelers meet with clients and help them develop a plan for improving the aesthetics and functionality of houses. Most have taken a variety of courses in areas such as siding installation, roofing and window replacement and have a staff of specialists trained in these areas as well. They will oversee the job as a whole and keep you informed every step of the way. They will generally have a full staff of professional siding contractors, roofers and other specifically trained professionals to call upon.

What Does A Siding Contractor Do?

When asking what a contractor does, the answer relies largely on what kind he or she is. A general contractor oversees every step of any home improvement project from the initial estimate and design to installation and clean up. A siding contractor, on the other hand, will have extensive experience in the installation side of things and will often have an exclusive relationship with a high quality manufacturer. Many companies have general contractors as well as sub-contractors, roofing specialists and more so that they can manage a job appropriately from beginning to end. Other companies may not have specialists on staff, preferring to hire workers on a job-by-job basis. Keep in mind that there is some risk in working with someone who doesn't always use the same installers or roofing specialists, as the quality and performance may vary from one job to the next.

What To Look For When Hiring

There are several key indications of the quality of a home remodeling siding companythat you should always rely on when you're ready to pay someone to improve your home's exterior, including:

• Membership in one or more industry groups and preferred remodeler organizations.
• A company that has been in business for several years.
• At least one bricks-and-mortar location where you can talk to actual sales people and take a look at samples of various types of materials the company will use.
• Ask if they are insured and whether they have the appropriate licenses (if needed in your state). Insurance coverage should include workers' compensation and liability coverage.
• Ask whether the company subcontracts any of the work that will be done and if so, who the subs are and how long they've worked for them.
• Ask for recent references from customers who have had similar work done. If subcontracting will be used, ask for references for each sub as well.

Regardless of what a remodeling company calls itself, the key to successful siding installation and other home improvements includes researching the company's background, experience and results.