Designer Lightings and Lamps for Your Living Room

Jul 7


Jay Bhagat

Jay Bhagat

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Britten up your home with designer listings and lamps that are unique in designs and enhance the beauty of your living room, bedroom and other rooms of the home. This article is dedicated on effective uses of lightings and lamps for your living room.


The Living Room in the house is the centre stage of a hub of activities that you engage in every day. It can be simply watching TV with your pet,Designer Lightings and Lamps for Your Living Room Articles playing with the children, planning an occasion, chit-chatting with your friends, or simply reading after dinner. 

The lighting for the living room plays a very powerful factor in setting the right ambience and mood. The living room needs to be well-lit, which can be done with a mix of designer lamps, pendant lamps, floor lamps and table lamps to create an aesthetic and balanced space.

 So, if you are wondering how to make your living room well-lit as well as stylish and functional, here are some of our favourite designer lightings that would instantly liven up your living room.


For Your Cosy Bright Corners - An Artistic Table Lamp

 Corners are the favourite place, especially when you want to read a book or spend some sweet “me-time” in the living room. To make it cosy and bright, get the Raffin Table Lamp which shines with its warm light and is a perfect blend of artistic creation inspired by Nature. Isn’t it the perfect lamp for your living room corner?


Dramatic Centre Stage - A Large Pendant Lamp 

The centre point of your living room, where all the major gossip and reunion happen, where you have the sofas and tables for everyone to join, it needs the Kamu Extra Large Taper Pendant Lamp for all that extra attention and drama. Well, let the pendant light be the centre of all the fun and action of the night.


The Floor Play - A Sleek Floor Lamp 

What’s beneath your feet? The floor area for your little ones to play. What’s next to your armchair? A table for grown-ups to play word games. For the focus on the floor play area for the tiny tots the Tuma Floor Lamp is the best suit. Also, it is sleek and thus can fit in well beside your armchair, thus you can peep in while the grown-ups play their word games.


 Unique Wall Decor - Get a Paper String Light (Multiple) 

On special occasions and moments of celebration, when you want to revamp the look of your living room, but cannot do much for the already bought furniture. You can still set the mood right and give completely a new vibe with the Ori Multi-Colored String Light. Add it to your living room wall to enhance the decor of it.


Warm Welcoming Space - Get Pendant Lamps

 You need more warm and welcoming space for guests or when you are planning for a big family dinner. Well, you need some rearranging of the interiors and most importantly - Light. Make a warm welcoming space with an overhead fixture, like the naturally woven Tassel Pendant Lamps. Set it in pairs at a distance if the table is big enough.


So, what do you think about our ideas? Remember, you need layered lighting for your living space to make it brighter and happier. But, make sure you keep it less complicated and what suits the best as per your room interior.