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Alex W

Alex W

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ÿDeWalt is a world leading manufacturer of power tools, hand tools and construction equipment for the construction world over.

ÿDeWalt is a world leading manufacturer of power tools,DeWalt Articles hand tools and construction equipment for the construction world over.

Founded in 1920 by a Raymond DeWalt the company was successful early on and after a company restructuring in 1947 construction equipment commenced going into full production.  The company remains based in Maryland in the USA and is a fine example of the American construction technology sector and how competitively and quickly it has raced to keep pace with its overseas rivals.

The company continued to grow until it was sold by the American Machine & Foundry company to Black & Decker in 1960 which was an even bigger, well known tool manufacturer in the American power tool industry.  B&D took their brand and capabilities and continued to invest time and money into DeWalt and it continued to grow and succeed despite distractions such as company mergers and a professional company rebranding.  They continue to remain an important part of the Stanley Black & Decker company and produces more equipment in variant and quantities than ever before.

They inventions and innovations to the tool industry since their beginnings was evident being the creator of the Radial Arm Saw which was invented in 1922. It was an clean efficient tool that exploded into the woodworking and construction industries due to its value in terms of time, money and safety.  It is essentially and mounted circular saw with a sliding arm used for cutting long pieces of material.

Their biggest fans are from the woodworking industry who have a long history of success providing affordable and well constructed pieces of equipment and hand tools, they are definitely a company that focuses on quality not quantity. They are well priced enough to be considered for the domestic market and have a high quality consistent with the high end construction industry, a pleaser of many people.

Interesting Fact:  DeWalt also have sponsorship interests in the field of NASCAR racing and has been sponsoring various drivers since 1999 to great success.