Energy Top Fireplace Dampers

Apr 12


Ricky sworn

Ricky sworn

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Energy Top Fireplace Dampers are made for use only with open burning masonry fireplace chimneys and are NOT suitable for use with fireplaces burning gas logs, or where wood stoves have been installed.


Energy Top Fireplace Dampers are top mounted fireplace dampers that also serve the dual purpose of being a chimney cap.  When the fireplace damper is closed,Energy Top Fireplace Dampers Articles this will save you money in energy costs. The Energy Top Fireplace Damper is also very low profile while featuring a stainless steel chimney camp. You can save on energy costs without sacrificing a poor outward appearance on your home’s interior. The average homeowner who utilized energy top fireplace dampers saved up to eight percent of their home heating costs.

• Benefits of Energy Top Fireplace Dampers

- It works for all four seasons. When it is closed, it will seal in the heat and prevent any outside debris or animals from coming inside.  It’s very easy to utilize with the accessible handle that is mounted inside of the fireplace. You can replace any existing fireplace damper you have with the Energy Top version.

• Specifications

- Energy Top Fireplace Dampers are constructed out of high quality aluminum and stainless steel.  This makes it nearly impossible for them to rust. The chimney cap is also made out of stainless steel. They currently are rated for having the tightest seal in the fireplace industry. They come with a lifetime warranty.  

• Tips

- Always keep the Energy Top Dampers in the open position when the fire is burning and until the embers have burnt out. The dampers will attach to the top of the flue tiles in chimneys, with a thirty foot cable that can be adjusted to fit any length of hardware, mounting adhesive, a fireplace bracket, and a cool-touch spring handle.  However, some models of the Energy Top Fireplace Dampers will also come with an extended fifty foot cable for any taller chimneys.  

- These dampers are produced for a wood burning masonry fireplace chimney. These fireplaces include chimneys that serve vented gas longs, because gas logs need the damper to be fixed to a permanent open position or otherwise removed permanent; the point of this is to ensure that carbon monoxide and other deadly fumes do not enter the house.  You should also only use vent free gas longs if they are approved by the local authority in your jurisdiction.  Otherwise, using vent free gas logs is generally not recommended.  Finally, do not use Energy Top Fireplace Dampers on chimneys that work with other fuels.  Examples can include wood stove and appliances such as furnaces.

• Installation Process

Energy Top Fireplace Dampers can be easily installed on round chimneys. They do come with an adapter for a solid pack or an air cooled chimney to make the transition easier. To make sure that the damper and adapter are compatible with your fireplace, give a call to your fireplace manufacturer or conduct some research online.  However, to ensure that everything goes by smoothly you would be wise to hire or at least consult with an experienced and professional chimney sweep who will have your chimney thoroughly inspected and install everything correctly.