Fix Plaster Walls: The First Step to Great Home Painting Results

Aug 20


Christine Delongte

Christine Delongte

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Plaster walls have many advantages but people often shy away from using plaster in their homes. The primary reason being the maintenance cost of plaster. Luckily for homeowners who want to revive the plaster walls and give them a new color, plaster repair services are available. Know what’s wrong with the walls to fix the problem for beautiful home painting results.


In modern-day Toronto homes,Fix Plaster Walls: The First Step to Great Home Painting Results Articles drywalls are very common. Yet, many homeowners prefer the older, sturdier construction technique of plaster. It is a versatile element that can give your home a smooth finish or a stucco-like appearance, depending on your preference. It is highly resistant to mold and fire. It eliminates sound in a better way than drywall. Plus, plaster definitely gives a more polished look to the property.

If you want to keep your home strong and good-looking, you need to take extra care of the plaster walls. If you are in a hurry to paint your home before summer kicks in, start paying attention to the plaster walls and not just the paint colors you like.

A Guide to Repairing and Painting Plaster Walls

1. Inspect the Walls

Homeowners often apply different paint color samples to the walls. Some buy paint swatches to pick their favorite color. But, before finalizing the color, focus on the structural integrity of the walls. The color will be as good as the canvas. So, look for signs of damage. List down all the issues in detail.

Are there multiple nail holes in the wall? Can you see dents and nicks in the wall due to furniture? Are there visible stair-step cracks? Are there moldy patches on the surface? Remember a thorough check is necessary to ensure a better color for years to come.

2. Repair the Plaster Walls

If there are minor issues such as nail holes from hanging art décor or chips from furniture, spackling paste is sufficient to fix the wall. But, if the problem is complex, you will need to hire a plaster repair service. Broken pipes can cause moisture damage to the walls. Settling of foundation can also lead to cracks. Natural calamities including earthquake can lead to crumbling of the wall. In such a situation, a DIY project is not an optimum choice.

If you want to replace the crumbling plaster walls with modern-day drywall, you will need an expert. It is not always wise to cover the old plaster walls with drywall. Make sure that you work with professionals who do not cut corners and offer you long-term solutions.

3. Painting the Wall

Once the problems with plaster walls are fixed, the plasterers will level the surface and smoothen it properly. Once the walls are dry, the team of painters will begin the painting process. Ideally, you should opt for a company that offers a wide range of services including plastering and painting. Many home painting companies in Toronto offer additional services in the form of interior design and color consultancy. Color consultants help you pick the right colors and ensure a beautiful looking home for you.

What is the Cost of Plaster Repair and Painting Services?

Now, fixing drywall is a pretty straightforward process. It is often considered a DIY job. But plaster walls require special expertise, attention and care. Do not skimp on the cost of hiring a specialist plaster repair service. Your expenditure will depend on the level of damage and the skills required to fix the plaster wall.

1. Usually, fixing small holes caused by nails, rodents, furniture, etc. will cost $50-$150. A handyman can do the job for a similar price.

2. If constant hammering, plumbing or any other repair work has led to larger holes, the price can be double. It is because you need experienced plasterers to solve the issue.

3. When your house is troubled by stress cracks and sagging due to multiple reasons, you will need to take help of an experienced renovation contractor. In such situations, expect to pay at least $100.

4. If you consider the average cost of plastering services in GTA, you may have to pay in the range of $0.50- $1.75 per square feet. The price increases to $15-$17 per square feet when you are keen on having a decorative finish.

When you decide to paint your home, make a well-informed decision. Consider the condition of the plaster walls. Seek the help of a local plaster repair service and obtain an estimate to build a solid budget. Remember a good plan will keep you away from unnecessary financial surprises.