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When I was younger,Guest Posting I noticed a lot of gift shops stocking wonderfully bright and innovative designs for around the home. Iko Iko was the ultimate go-to shop for last minute gifts. Even though a lot of my friends had not moved out of the house yet, I always took the time to visit their home ware section and thought to myself how great it would be to receive a pantone cup or an elaborately patterned plate set. Seeing them immediately think how cool your own domestic spot would look like, if you were able to have such unique and quirky items. For recent high school graduates moving away from home, or those moving into their first home, here are some delightful gifts for the home that are sure to please.If you want a quick fail safe gift, online craft market etsy will help you in a jiffy. Be careful though because there are so many amazing items, that it doesn't take long to get addicted and start buying things for yourself. There are a range of items all made my independent niche designers and crafty-extraordinaire's. Purchasing from them out helps out grass-root businesses and you never know, designers may be so kind to pop in an extra gift for you too.Does the receiver's birthday or event fall during the winter months? How about a snuggie? It's a simple idea as it is basically a blanket, with sleeves! Now that is smart. How many times have you used your computer under a blanket but wished that it could still be wrapped around your whole body? Along with a trusty toasted sandwich machine, this seems like a practical gift those about to start their university life as dorms and cheap flats are notorious for lacking home comforts.Being a keen baker, I have to admit that when silicone bake wear introduced itself to the retail market, I was a little bit sceptical. Would it melt in the oven? Will the mold come out funny? Will my food taste like plastic? When I came across silicon baking sheets, those questions flew out the window and the urge to try it out came first. Needless to say, I was pleased with the product. Being a conscious consumer, the constant disposal of waxed lined paper made me feel guilty, as did throwaway cupcake moulds. Such products put an end to this problem for those environmentally friendly bakers.Many novelty house ware products you have probably come across has been designed by Fred. Adding a bit of humour to the household, will make it a happy one. From novelty ice-cube trays to distinctive covers for your keys, products by them have always made great last-minute gifts.What ever it happens to be standard or something a bit geeky, basic home ware is always a useful gift and with many unique designs out there, you will easily come across something 'a little bit different'. Gifts from Fred and other geekery gifts are sure to change the way you look at the term 'practical joke'.

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