Gum Removing in Clubs with High Quality Gum Removal Machines

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Gum remover equipment are best to remove the gum from clubs, hotels, schools and many more. Know about good quality gum removing machines made as per the customers requirement which can suite in industrial, commercial or home applications.

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Gum remover machines are used in many public and commercial areas because improperly disposed off chewing gum is a major problem. The sticky, messy gum wads are found in just about every corner and on every surface in places such as clubs, where they stick to clothing, equipment, furniture, floors, walls, toilet seats, and many other surfaces.


Gum removal is a lucrative business and contractors can make thousands of dollars per day removing gum from clubs, malls, amusement parks and other commercial and communal areas. Clubs are also beginning to invest in these gum remover machines themselves, which are faster and more effective than manually removing gum. While sharp instruments such as knives tend to damage surfaces, gum remover machines remove gum effectively and easily without harming the surface below. Gum removing equipment also eliminates old, hard gum — something potent chemical solvents and other gum removing methods are often unable to do.


Gum Removers vs. Ordinary Steam Cleaning Machines


A gum removal business or club should purchase a commercial grade machine that is durable and long lasting. Many dealers try to pass off ordinary steam cleaning machines as gum removing equipment, which is incorrect. While a gum remover machine is essentially a steam cleaner, it is also equipped with a gum removal kit. Many ordinary steam cleaning machines also do not have features such as vacuum extraction or brush attachments required to clean up chewing gum.


The brush attachment of a gum remover machine screws onto the squeegee tool. While the steam lance applies steam to the surface to soften gum residues, the stainless steel brush scrubs away the soft gum, as well as hardened gum deposits. Reputable dealers also supply powerful, yet biodegradable gum dissolving liquids for use with their gum remover machines to ease the gum dissolving process without harming the environment. All dissolved residues are then extracted via the attached vacuum


Other Applications


A gum removal business or club staff may also have other cleaning requirements that a gum removing machine can handle easily. It has many other applications including dirt removal. Steam cleaners emit very hot dry steam, which dissolves not only gum, but also organic compounds and stains. With special anti-bacterial capabilities, steam cleaning machines can eliminate, germs, bacteria, molds, spores and soap scum. They remove calcium scales from tiles and eradicates pests such as bedbugs from upholstery and cushions.


Top commercial steam cleaners are fitted with HEPA filters. A HEPA filter traps microscopic particles of pollen, dust, dander, and many other allergens. Where ordinary steam vacuum cleaners release these particles back into the air during cleaning, a HEPA filter keeps them within the dust chamber of the steam vacuum cleaner and prevents them from polluting the air.


Gum removing machines also come with different types of brush attachments for cleaning many kinds of surfaces. In addition to the stainless steel gum removal brushes, a variety of other detail brushes should be provided. Stainless steel detail brushes are tough and durable and they scrub off slippery scum and dirt from hard durable surfaces, like concrete. Brass detail brushes are softer and are used for cleaning hardwood and enamel surfaces. Nylon detail brushes are suitable for lighter applications or cleaning delicate surfaces that would be damaged by the more abrasive brass and stainless steel brushes. Many high-end gum removal machines also carry squeegees for cleaning glass and steam plungers to unclog and clean sink drains.


Gum removing machines are, as we can see, versatile machines that may be used in a variety of ways, starting with gum and dirt elimination, removing pollen, cleaning tiles and equipment, and even eliminating pests and bacteria.

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