Hardwood Flooring: How to Choose the Right Type of Wood for Your Home

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Some materials are better suited to your family's needs than others. Many companies of hardwood flooring in paradise valley provide many samples of some of the finest solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors.

Because of its warmth and natural design aesthetic,Guest Posting hardwood flooring in paradise valley is a common pick among house owners. It also provides customers with a lot of options for customizing their products—it requires more than just selecting the color of wood stain.


There are two types of hardwood floors-


Solid wood flooring is composed of a single piece of wood all around, whereas engineered wood is made up of a thin strip of solid wood glued over strict plywood or high-density fiberboard core.

Solid wood is typically available in 3/4-inch-thick strips ranging in width from 11/2 to 21/2 inches, or in planks ranging in width from 4 to 8 inches.

Engineered wood strips are typically 1/2 to 3/8 of an inch thick, and because it is less prone to warping than solid wood, they can be found in planks up to 12 inches wide or wider.

Many of the finest brands of hardwood flooring in paradise valley now distribute both solid and engineered wood, so you won't be short on options.


Another important consideration for the hardwood flooring is the wood species or wood type.  You have a variety of wood species to choose from, which can matter in the styling of your room. You should not, however, end at the shades or styling of the wood species. Different woods will provide different functional advantages.

Some wood species are tougher than others, making them more stable. Consider installing harder wood if you are renovating a home interior that will see a lot of foot traffic.

1. OAK- Among Americans, oak is a good choice. It is long-lasting, works well with various discoloration, and has an appealing, natural grain. Furthermore, oak wood flooring is widely available from most makers. Red and white oak are excellent woods for use in a variety of applications around the house.  White oak is more popular in design because it does not have the pinkish shade of red oak.

2. CHERRY WOOD- Cherry is another popular and highly used wood type for flooring.  Because it darkens with the time of life, it is not a famous choice for many people who prefer their rooms to be as light as possible. Because of its naturally dark shades and sanded finish, it has a neat appearance.  The disadvantage of sanding is that it is extremely prone to scratches. So, we don't suggest cherry if you have pets.

3. ASH- Ash is typically lighter in color, but the grain will take a stain well if you want something darker. It is also regarded as one of the finest engineered wood flooring options due to its durability, which results in a rigid veneer.

4. WALNUT- While it is relatively soft than oak, it has a dark color that makes it great for rooms that require a darker finish. Walnut is a natural fit for a richer, warmer look.

Tougher than oaks are hickory and maple. You can also choose from more exotic woods such as Brazilian Cherry, Bamboo, and Mahogany.

Reclaimed hardwood can be bought by homeowners from salvage wooden yards. This is a much more affordable option, but you may have to sift through some worn-out pieces. Restored wood flooring in paradise valley can give a different touch of character to your home if you find some good pieces.

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