How black mold affects humankind adversely

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Exposure to black mold causes allergic reactions in human beings. Molds and mildews should be removed from home, office and other premises with the help of mold cleaners.

As molds are omnipresent,Guest Posting it’s indeed difficult to avoid exposure to molds. Molds, mildews, fungus and injurious microscopic organisms are everywhere. Like all other members of ecosystem, molds and mildews are vital for maintaining environmental balance. By decomposing organic matters into simple hydrocarbons they continue the carbon and energy circulation through out the food chain. Earth without molds, fungi and other such organisms would become hard to live.

Mold bodies do not contain chlorophyll. They depend on dead organic matters for food. While collecting nutrition they decompose complex organic matters into simple form of hydrocarbons. Thus they perform their own quota of responsibility for the ecosystem.

But, when these molds contaminate indoor environment they become troublesome. Being primitive organism, molds and mildews reproduce by releasing spores. High density of mold spores in air leads to health problems. Apart from this, some toxic black molds produce mycotoxins which are injurious for human health. Molds, mold spores and mycotoxins create severe health issues.

Allergic Reactions:

Molds, spores, hyphal and mycelial sections are allergens, i.e., human body shows allergic responses to these components. Like any other antigen, when mold spores, hyphal or, mycelial parts enter into our system; the body releases antibodies to protect the infection.

Not all people react to molds and mold spores. Also, the amount of mold fragment that causes allergy is not fixed for all. Some people are hypersensitive to foreign particles. Even some subjects are allergic to pollens too. Oversensitive people should always try to avoid exposure to molds. Symptoms of mold allergy are watery eyes, puffing around eyes, irritation of throat, runny noses, extreme coughing and sneezing, asthma and more.

Some molds may lead to skin rashes and dermal infections. Dry skin, feet, nails are prone to such molds.

Opportunistic Infections:

People with healthy immune system are not vulnerable to such infections. However, those with compromised immune system suffer a lot as they have lesser ability to fight against infections. Hence, immunocompromised people need better protection against black mold and mildews.

Diseases like AIDS, cancer fall under this category. HIV does a lot of harm to immune system. Chemotherapy, immunosuppressive drugs also lead to impaired immune system. People undergoing similar treatment need special care and should avoid mold infection at any cost.

Toxic Effects:

Molds and mildews produce both volatile and non-volatile compounds which cause the environment toxic. The musty odor observed at the place of mold contamination is due to these compounds. Such compounds produced by foodborne molds cause the unpleasant taste and smell in contaminated foods.

Mycotoxins, non-volatile compound, are produced by molds during their metabolism. Mycotoxins spread through out the mold colony including the substrate on which it has grown. Spores released from toxic mold colonies, fragments of toxic black mold when aerosolized, chances of toxic infection become higher.

Among various reactions of mycotoxins, flu like symptoms, throat irritation, headache, diarrhea, fatigue, cough, dermatitis and skin rash, malfunctioning of immune system are few to name.

Preventive measures:

Black mold and mildews cannot grow without moisture. Keeping building environment dry prevents indoor mold growth. However, if they grow anyway, remove molds with natural cleaning products.

All people are not allergic to molds. Those who are hypersensitive should carefully avoid exposure to molds. Keeping home, office and other indoor environments clean and dry helps to prevent mold growth.

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Unlike chemicals, natural cleaning products do not have any adverse effects on human health. Removing black mold with natural cleaning products is good for health.

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