How to clean an Oriental fine rug

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Oriental rugs are absolutely beautiful to own but they must be cleaned and maintained just like any other fine rug. This article will show you some easy steps to cleaning your rug.

When it comes to fine rug cleaning the best advice you can be given is to avoid getting it dirty in the first place. Oriental rugs are just one of many kinds of fine rugs that many people collect for decoration or as a hobby and they can often be worth quite a bit of money too. Placing your rung in a room where it will experience very little traffic,Guest Posting especially shoe traffic, is the safest best if you are going to use it as a decoration piece inside of your home. Bare feet or soft stockings should not harm the rug much but really avoiding any traffic at all is the best bet.

The first step to fine rug cleaning is to vacuum the run thoroughly on both sides to eliminate all of the loose dirt.  Using some mild soap and cool water (no harsh chemicals or run shampoo liquids) you should then give the rug a smooth clean over with a shampooer. If your rug has fringes then you want to hand wash them with the soap solution yourself. Once you rinse everything thoroughly and squeeze out the excess water then your job is almost complete. Each side of the rug will need time to dry so be sure to flip them and give it ample time.

Some fine rugs just simply cannot be cleaned by anyone other than a professional and even if you want to do it yourself, you will need to be taught. Cleaning companies that offer fine rug cleaning are usually fair priced and have the right facility for cleaning and drying these rugs. If you want to learn more about the items needed in order to properly clean fine rugs you can check out this website for all the information you need. 

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